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What's In Season


Did you know that the apricot belongs to the rose family? They are at their best between May and September and are delicious in tarts or pies. Although their sweet and slightly tart taste also makes an interestingly tasty chicken dish too.


October is a fine month for Pomegranates. The fruit is rich in antioxidants, fibre and vitamins A, C and B. Our customers often ask how best to eat it. Check out YouTube - it's a hot topic of debate. For what it's worth, we still prefer the rolling pin method.


The explosion of rhubarb in our gardens tells us that spring has sprung. From spring to summer, rhubarb is a classic staple in pies, crumbles, and jams. The tart, citrus-like sourness, makes it a truly iconic spring/summer ingredient.


Cauliflower offers a mild, slightly nutty flavour and a versatile texture, making it a valuable ingredient for a wide variety of recipes. Cauliflower is typically in season all year round although extreme temperature changes can affect it.


Celeriac is available year-round but it’s at its best from September to April. This slightly odd-looking root vegetable offers a nutty flavour, perfect for adding a depth of flavour to soups and stews. It also works great in slaws and is super tasty when creamed into a puree.


Leeks are their freshest from November to April. With a mild oniony taste, leeks are ideal in comforting pies, steamy stews or creamy quiches. They are packed full of nutrients and sure to brighten any meal. All of our leeks are hand-selected by us in the best London fruit and vegetable markets.


From late spring to early autumn, peppers offer a bright and vibrant addition to any dish you can think of. They are a great source of vitamin C and low in calories. Our peppers are hand-picked from trusted London vendors for their freshness and quality.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

With a mild and peppery taste, purple sprouting broccoli is at its best between February and April. Purple sprouting broccoli brings a freshness to your meals and vital vitamins to your body, such as fibre, iron, and calcium.

Spring onions

The youngest and most tender spring onions are found in the spring and early summer. These are ideal for a delicious salad, or sprinkled over the top of homemade soap. Spring onions are a versatile choice for both garnishing and cooking. All our spring onions are hand-picked here in London.

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