Fruit & Veg Delivery to Offices & Homes in London

Fuelling a Happy, Healthy Environment

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Step away from unhealthy energy-sapping snacks and give your team a boost with a Ripe office fruit delivery.
Ripe deliver, delicious premium quality fruit, seasonal fruit boxes, veg, milk & dairy, dairy alternatives, bakery and energy-packed snacks direct to offices, businesses and homes across London.
Not forgetting our luxury hand-made Fruit Gift Baskets for all occasions!

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  • We deliver delicious seasonal fruit, energy-packed snacks and office essentials such as milk into workplaces and waiting rooms across London.
  • We are passionate about discovering and delivering the finest seasonal produce from the best suppliers.
  • We deliver to businesses, agencies, nurseries, schools, universities, clinics and any workplace seeking to keep teams (and clients) happy.

Freshly picked every day!

Jason and his team are passionate – borderline obsessive – about picking the very best fruit available at New Covent Garden Market each day and delivering it in perfect condition to your workplace.

We can deliver daily, weekly or on any number of days that you choose – some of our clients prefer one large weekly fruit delivery; many opt for 2, 3, 4 or 5 office fruit deliveries a week.

We deliver early each morning so that your order is there for you when you start your working day. Many of our clients give us a set of keys and we place orders direct into kitchens, so if you don’t have a security desk or somewhere safe we can leave your order, feel free to arrange a set of keys and we’ll take care of everything.

Remember it’s not just fruit boxes – add any number of single fruit choices, plus dairy and non dairy milk and healthy snacks to your delivery.