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How it works

Fuelling your office with a regular fruit delivery from Ripe is simple. 
We've put together some fruit box options to get you started; they're configurable in size to suit the size of your team, and in it's contents so you ensure you have something for everyone.
Not see something you like?  You can configure your own box or get in touch and our team will be happy to help and advise.
1 - 25 People

Starting from per delivery
30-50 pieces of fruit
Perfect for small teams
Fruit favourites such as apples, bananas and pears
Add berries, grapes and snacks
Milk and milk alternatives also available for delivery
26 - 50 People

Starting from per delivery
90-120 pieces of fruit
Perfect for medium sized businesses
Include berries, grapes and other exotics with your basic fruits
Add snacks and other pantry items
Select milk and milk alternatives to your order
51 - 250 People

Starting from per delivery
150-250 pieces of fruit
Perfect for larger offices
All the fruit favourites. You can also add berries and exotics
Add snacks, bread and other pantry items
Add milk and milk alternatives
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