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Luxury Fruit Basket

Luxury Fruit Gift Basket


Our most spectacular basket filled with a fantastic selection of top-quality fruit arranged by hand in a wicker basket. Indulge in scrumptious ‘everyday’ seasonal fruits, as well as a minimum of six exotic fruits and berries.
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Step into the lap of luxury with our indulgent Luxury Fruit Gift Basket. The crème de la crème of edible extravagance, ready to dazzle taste buds all across London! This is a lavish assortment of handpicked, premium fruits nestled in an elegant wicker basket, designed to turn any occasion into a celebration.

Imagine biting into succulent, ripe persimmons, savouring the sweetness of plump berries, and experiencing the crisp perfection of premium pomegranates. Our Luxury Fruit Gift Basket is not just a present; it's a fruity fantasy, a gourmet delight crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Gift the gift of luxury to your favourite person and watch their eyes light up as a season fruit hamper gives their imagination and taste buds something to think about.

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