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Wrapped by Nature Office Fruit Box


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At Ripe London, we understand that a well-stocked workplace kitchen is essential for maintaining a healthy and productive environment.

That’s why our office fruit boxes are carefully curated to cater to your workplace needs. Whether you’re seeking office fruit delivery for a boost to team morale or exploring a regular healthy snack delivery to keep the office energised, these fruit boxes provide a convenient and nutritious solution.

Find a delightful assortment of fresh and local fruits that cater to various preferences, ensuring that everyone finds a healthy and delicious snack specifically for them. With friendly delivery staff, we make sure that your order works for you, whatever you need.

With Ripe, you’ll find that the office fruit box packages and prices are mouthwatering, not eye-watering.

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You have a couple of different options when it comes to paying for your order. We accept all major debit and credit cards when ordering through our online store. If you prefer monthly invoices for your business, please get in touch via our contact page, or by calling 0845 652 0714.
You’ll generally find our fruit delivery drivers out and about in Central, North and South, East and West London – we have a handy postcode checker you can use to see if we deliver to your area.
Of course! If you need to cancel your fruit delivery we will need 48 hours notice or the payment will still be taken. If you’d like to amend your order or add extras send us an email to or call 0845 652 0714
Our team of packers and drivers are night owls so prefer to deliver to your office in the early hours – this means when you arrive your fruit box delivery is waiting for you. We know this isn’t always possible though so will usually aim to deliver in the morning once your office has opened up.
Our delivery charge is free. All that we ask is that orders are a minimum of £16.50.
Orders must be a minimum value of £16.50 and all of our orders are sent out with free delivery.
Our fruit buyers are the best in the business, and with over 30 years experience they know good quality when they see and taste it. They search the fruit markets every night for the best, seasonal produce and if something isn’t up to standard, they won’t buy it. They also love to discover new varieties so you may get a few surprises in your fruit box from time to time.
People are more conscious than ever of their dietary needs, and what foods can benefit them in different ways. This trend has become an integral part of working life too. Scientific studies show that fruit is one of the main food types that can contribute to a fuller and more productive working life. For example, bananas are rich in glucose and potassium, which can benefit the brain while berries, containing antioxidants, can improve motor coordination. Reaching for a piece of tasty, fresh fruit rather than a sugary or high carb snack will help see you through your workload.
We would be pleased to advise you on this – we work to a general guideline of 3-5 pieces of fruit per person per day (if juicing, this amount will increase). However not every company is the same and we will work with you to ensure you have as much fruit as you need without any excess.
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