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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Deliveries in London

For sheer quality and variety, home delivery fruit and veg boxes can’t be beaten. You can always tell the difference when produce hasn’t spent days or weeks in cold storage – our customers enjoy the freshest, highest quality, most reliable produce deliveries in the capital. Whether you want to add more goodness and vitality to your midweek meal prep, or restock your workday lunch box with a tempting assortment of healthy and energising snacks, Ripe brings a truly first-class London fruit and veg delivery service to your door.



Vegetable Boxes

Our veg box delivery gives you freedom to pick from a vast range of tubers, roots, bulbs, leaves, pods and plants. We can supply all your weekly veggie staples – from potatoes, onions, carrots, and green beans to cabbage, celery, chillies, and garlic. We also offer a wide choice of more seasonal varieties and marketplace favourites: aubergine, asparagus, leeks, rainbow chard, tenderstem broccoli, padron peppers and mange tout, to name just a few.

While you’re ordering your home veg delivery, don’t forget to check out our everyday essentials in the store cupboard section, as well as our fresh range of salad items, herbs and mushroomsdairy/bakery, and non-dairy alternatives. If you want to cut down on weekly shopping trips, ordering with Ripe is the easiest way. Get your full week’s worth of healthy and delicious produce brought right to your doorstep, with fast London home delivery available year-round for your convenience!


Fresh Fruit Delivery

Our range of home fruit delivery boxes give you a wide array of choices to pick from, as well as the flexibility to build your own!

To keep the order process as simple as possible, you could opt for one of our pre-filled fruit boxes – prices start from just £15 for a 30-piece going up to a 50-piece box. If you’d prefer to go fully bespoke, we have dozens of individual fruit varieties available for putting together your own unique selection below. All the main staples are on offer year-round – apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, peaches, pears, raspberries, and blueberries. We also supply a great choice of seasonal exotics including juicy mangosteen, aromatic lychee, sweet-sour star fruit, or kiwi-like pitayas!

When ordering a home fruit delivery, don’t forget to visit our store cupboard and fill up on any other essentials (and treats) you might like for general home or work grazing! We always keep a wide range of dried fruitjuices and waternutshealth bars and other delicious snacks in stock. Ready to explore London’s best and freshest selection of healthy fruit and veg boxes to order from home? Make your selection today and join many happy customers already choosing Ripe as their go-to solution for speedy, hassle-free delivery in London. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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