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Clementines Satsumas

Clementine (Each)


Boost your team's energy with Ripe London's Clementines! These juicy, vitamin-packed snacks are perfect for office workers needing a midday pick-me-up. Each clementine is bursting with natural sweetness, providing a healthier alternative to sugary snacks. They're easy to peel and mess-free, making them ideal for a quick snack break. Plus, they're loaded with Vitamin C to support immune health, keeping your team in top shape.
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Meet the zesty little mood boosters that are about to become your new snacking obsession – our super-fresh clementines! Straight from the groves to your London doorstep, these citrus wonders are like a burst of sunshine on a grey London day.

Peel back the fun and get ready for a juicy adventure that will have your taste buds doing the tango. Packed with Vitamin C and a whole lot of sweet-tart goodness, our clementines are the snackable sidekicks your day deserves.

Whether you're conquering a midday slump or adding a citrusy kick to your salad, these pocket-sized delights are here to turn ordinary moments into zest-fueled celebrations. Why settle for the ordinary when you can unpeel the extraordinary? Dive into our clementines because your taste buds deserve a citrusy fiesta!

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