Grapefruit (Each)


Add grapefruits (priced per fruit) to your premium fruit box with Ripe and enjoy a fresh selection of fruit, delivered to your place of work any day of the week. Tasty and refreshing, the grapefruit is a fantastic option to keep your staff happy, healthy and ready for the day.


Fruit is great for keeping energy levels up and can even drastically improve productivity and morale. And our grapefruits are perfect for enjoying for breakfast or lunch, with lots of nutrients to boost the body and mind. This subtropical citrus fruit is semi-sweet and somewhat bitter to taste, with a slightly zesty kick that many people find thirst-quenchingly delicious.


Each fruit is hand-selected by our expert fruit buying team for their freshness, plumpness and ripeness. So you can ensure the best-tasting grapefruits and fruit baskets for your meetings, events or lunchtime breaks. We source fruit from the city’s top markets late into the night, ready for picking, packing and delivery direct to you each morning.