Orange (Large)


Order large oranges as single fruits to supplement your fruit basket and load up on vitamin C with your next fresh fruit delivery. Great for slicing, sharing or juicing, this versatile fruit is a favourite in all seasons. 

Their long growing season makes them delicious in summer or winter, and our large oranges hand picked by us are perfect for adding as extras to your daily fruit basket. Full of flavour, bursting with juice and super healthy, these thirst-quenching fruits are popular in every office. 

As well as being high in vitamin C and improving the immune system, helping to stave off cold and flu, oranges are also great for promoting healthy skin and can keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check. They can also aid in controlling blood sugar levels, making them ideal for a low GI diet.  

All of our fruit baskets are carefully packed and have been hand selected by our fruit buyers. We go to the best fruit markets late at night and deliver orders in the early hours, so your fresh fruit basket can be waiting for you when you get to the office.