Blood Orange (Each)


Supplement your daily fruit basket with our juicy blood oranges, priced per fruit. These delicious fruits are beautifully vibrant in colour and unique in taste. Often thought of as a fancy or exotic orange, they can add something different to your fruit selection, bringing flavours of the Mediterranean to your diet. 

Originating in Sicily and Spain, blood oranges often remind us of hot weather and gorgeous coastlines, making a refreshing choice for a fruit platter, fruit salad or a juice or smoothie. The fruit comes with a deep red flesh, and it has a flavour and aroma that is much stronger than a regular orange. The taste is distinctly sweet, and often said to have a hint of raspberry. 

Blood oranges have their unique colour due to anthocyanins, which are powerful flavonoid pigments that are great for your health. They are wonderful for adding to a healthy, balanced diet, and they are full of vitamin C and A, as well as calcium and folic acid. 

Our blood oranges are hand-picked by our buyers at the best fruit markets. They are sourced late at night, ready to be packed and sent to you in the early hours. We work to deliver only the freshest fruit baskets, ensuring that you have the best quality fruit for your office.