Rambutan (250g)


The rambutan is an exotic fruit with a sweet, tasty white flesh

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Product Description

Add vibrant colour and exotic flavours to your daily fruit box from Ripe with the rambutan fruit. Order now (price per 250g) and transform your office fruit bowl into a tropical delight.


This delicious fruit with a hairy outer has a sweet white flesh inside that is often compared to lychees. The rambutan is generally a lot larger in size, and can be as big as a golf ball. In terms of flavour, it’s sweet and refreshing like the lychee, but it’s much creamier and richer, and also exhibits a pleasing floral note. Eat it straight out of its fuzzy shell or enjoy it with a tropical fruit salad. For office parties, the rambutan fruit can also be used as a garnish for cocktails.


In terms of health benefits, the rambutan is filled with vitamin C and copper, and also smaller amounts of manganese, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. And we always ensure the freshest and juiciest picks, so you can enjoy this exotic fruit in all its glory. We source fresh fruit from the best markets ready for delivery to your office first thing in the morning.