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Pomegranate (Each)


Order pomegranates as single fruits to supplement your fruit basket and add some colour to your fresh fruit delivery. These large pomegranates are deliciously juicy, and can be sliced open for the tasty ‘red jewels’ or can be juiced to make a healthy drink. Full of antioxidants and jam-packed with vitamin C, pomegranates are a fantastic addition to a balanced and healthy meal. They can also aid digestion and work well with anti-inflammatory diets.  We source our pomegranate from the best fruit markets, hand selecting all of our fruit and ensuring it is of the freshest quality. Our fruit buyers know a good batch of fruit when they see one! If you want a fruit basket with our large, juicy pomegranates delivered to your office, we’ll work through the night and get a fresh delivery to your door in the early hours, so you can start your day as you mean to go on. From the freshest fruits for breakfast to midday snacks and healthy juices in the afternoon, our fruit baskets are great for keeping energy levels up. 
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