Lychee (250g)


Add tasty lychee fruits to your premium fruit box order and have fresh lychees (price per 250g) delivered direct to your office first thing each morning. These exotic fruits add instant fun and flavour to any breakfast or lunchtime selection – and keep your team happy and healthy all year round.


Loaded with vitamin C, vitamin B-complex and phytonutrient flavonoids, this small but mighty fruit is a healthy snack at any time of day. Eat straight from its outer shell or add it to fruit salads for something different.


The tropical lychee makes a great addition to any fruit box delivery, bringing flavours of the east and keeping your teams interested in the exciting selection of fruit that arrives each week. You may know it from your travels, as an exotic dessert item, or served in a martini cocktail. However you like your lychees, we ensure that you receive the freshest fruits in your premium fruit box. Our buyers search the best markets in London late into the night, and we have your fruit order picked, packed and delivered ready for your arrival in the morning.