Mangosteen (250g)


Order mangosteens (price per 250g) and add a tropical twist to your office fruit delivery from Ripe. Delivering straight to your door in the morning, we’ll have all your favourite fruit ready and waiting for when your team arrive.


The mangosteen, also known as the ‘purple mangosteen’ is an exotic fruit with a slightly sweet and sour taste. Originating from South East Asia and now found in a number of tropical regions across the world, this fruit is best known for its deep, purple colour, which comes about only after the fruit is ripe. The inner flesh is bright white, super juicy and delicious as a snack at any time of day.


Said to be a bit of a hybrid between lychees and peaches, they’re seriously yummy. We also ensure the freshest mangosteen selection for your fruit box, as our fruit buying teams search the best markets in London before sunrise and know how to pick the finest fruits ready for your delivery.