Pineapple (Each)


Order pineapples (price per whole fruit) to supplement your fruit delivery. Add a tropical twist to your daily fruit selection with our fresh, juicy and tasty pineapples, which are perfect for sharing, adding to fruit pots or blending into a refreshing juice.

This mouthwatering spiky fruit is one of the most vibrant additions to our healthy fruit baskets, and they bring a sense of the Caribbean to brighten up your day. Originating from South America, pineapples are deliciously exotic are extremely versatile as a snack, a breakfast item, a dessert, or an ingredient for savoury dishes. 

Additionally, the pineapple is loaded with nutrients, making it an excellent choice for office workers looking to improve their fruit and vegetable intake. They have lots of antioxidants, contain enzymes known as bromelain to aid digestion, and may boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Many nutritionists also believe that pineapples can improve recovery time after exercise, making it the perfect post-gym fruit.

Our pineapples are selected fresh from the best fruit markets. Our buyers do this late at night so they can pack and deliver fruit baskets to your office first thing in the morning for unbeatable freshness.