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Hovis White Loaf Sliced 800g


Satisfy your craving for classic comfort food with a sliced white loaf, a staple for your pantry and sandwiches. Delivered to your doorstep in London, it's the perfect addition to your fresh fruit and vegetable orders, ensuring your kitchen is always well-stocked.
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Meet your bread and butter, the unsung hero of snacks – the humble, yet delicious, Sliced White Loaf, the carb-loaded superstar delivered fresh to your London haven! This loaf is the foundation of epic sandwiches, toast masterpieces, and culinary creations that will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Crafted for maximum softness and perfect toastiness, our Sliced White Loaf is the canvas for your sandwich dreams. Whether you're stacking it with your favourite fillings or crafting the ultimate avocado toast, this loaf is here to make every bite a comforting delight.

Say goodbye to bland bread and hello to a toast-worthy adventure! Order now and let the slicing and dicing commence because life's too short for ordinary bites, and we're here to bring excitement to your pantry!

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