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Royal Gala Apple (Each)


Savour the crisp and sweet taste of Royal Gala apples, a delightful addition to your fruit selection. Delivered fresh to your doorstep in London, these apples make for a perfect and healthy snack or ingredient for your favourite recipes. From crumbles to belly rumbles Royal Gala apples will always hit the spot!
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Get ready to treat your taste buds like royalty with our Royal Gala Apples – the crisp and juicy rulers of the fruit kingdom, now delivered straight to your London castle! These regal orbs of sweetness are handpicked and ready to add a royal touch to your snacking.

Packed with flavours fit for kings and queens, our Royal Gala Apples are perfect for solo snacking, slicing into salads, or crafting the ultimate apple pie. Whether you're a loyal apple enthusiast or a first-time taste knight, these apples are here to make every bite a royal decree.

Say goodbye to bland snacks and hello to the apple aristocracy! Order your Royal Gala Apples today!

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