Pitaya (Each)


Add vibrant colour and exotic flavours to your office fruit basket with our fresh Pitayas – and keep things fun and interesting for your team when it comes to healthy snacking. Order our premium fruit boxes and have a whole array of tropical fruits such as dragon fruit delivered to your door.


This eye-catching and colourful fruit is native to Mexico and Central America, but is enjoyed all around the world, particularly in hotter climates as a way to cool down. People love the Pitaya for its unique look and taste, and they make a wonderful supplement to your office fruit selection. Wow your guests at events or meetings, and make colourful displays to promote healthy eating in the workplace. Not only are these fruits fantastic looking and tasting, they are also loaded with nutrients, including plenty of fibre for a healthy gut.


With an unusual flavour profile that is often compared to a hybrid of a kiwi and a pear, this seasonal favourite is a refreshing option and will keep you hydrated.