Figs (punnet of 5)


Supplement your fruit basket delivery with a punnet of delicious, juicy figs. The fig is one of the healthiest fruits, packed with fibre for a healthy gut, and great to enjoy in many different ways.


Eat figs whole, cut them into small wedges for your fruit bowl or breakfast cereal, or add them to your savoury dishes. They are sumptuously tasty eaten raw, but a total comfort food when cooked. Tossed into a healthy salad or added to an antipasti board, they are perfect for office lunches.


As a member of the Ficus family, and known in many nations as the “fruit of the Gods”, figs are a true luxury. They are sweet with a green and slightly milky note. There’s nothing quite like it, making it a unique sensory experience. They are best when they are plump, with a rich and fleshy interior. As well as high fibre content, they are high in natural sugars, giving you the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Order your figs now and have them delivered to your office along with your premium fruit basket with fresh fruit hand-sourced by our team.

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