Blackberry (Punnet)


Order blackberries by the punnet to supplement your fruit basket order. Extremely low in sugar, blackberries are ideal as a healthy breakfast item or midday treat. They’re great for topping cereals and mueslis, for devouring with yogurt, or for throwing into a yummy fruit salad. They’re the perfect low GI snack and afternoon pick-me-up, making them a popular choice for an office fruit delivery. 

They have a long growing season in the UK, and they’re enjoyed as a summer treat or as a low-sugar fruit for desserts when the colder days set in. Just one cup of blackberries has half the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, and they’re also an excellent source of fibre and vitamin K. 

Our blackberries are hand picked by our fruit buyers, sourced from the best fruit markets late at night so they can be sorted, packed and delivered to you in the early hours, to be waiting for your arrival at the office. We ensure the finest quality blackberries, and will only select fruit that is fresh for our customers.