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Formosa Papaya

Papaya Formosa - Large Air Freight (Each)


Savour the tropical goodness of Papaya Formosa, a sweet and vibrant addition to your fruit selection. Delivered to your doorstep in London, our fresh papayas are ripe, juicy, and ready to elevate your culinary experience. Perfectly ripe, mouth-watering and tasty, these papayas are ideal for smoothies, in a fruit salad or for snacking. 
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Get ready for a tropical flavour explosion with our Formosa Papaya – the exotic delight that's about to bring a slice of paradise to your London doorstep! These papayas like a vacation in every bite, packed with sun-soaked sweetness and ready to turn your snack game into a beachy escape.

Handpicked for maximum juiciness, our Formosa Papayas are like nature's candy, perfect for solo snacking, topping your morning yoghurt, or turning your smoothies into a tropical symphony.

Whether you're a papaya aficionado or a first-time adventurer, get ready for a fruity journey with every slice and bite. Say goodbye to bland snacks and hello to the Formosa fiesta!

Order now and let the fruity fun begin!

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