Nectarine (Each)


Order nectarines (per fruit) and supplement your premium fruit basket with these tasty, juicy stone fruits for delivery to your door.


Nectarines are a great snack for the office, are perfect for adding to oatmeal, cereal or muesli at breakfast time, pair well with yogurt or cream, and can be tossed into a vegan salad for something different. As the non-fuzzy cousin of the peach, they are also delightful to eat whole.


As well as being low in calories, they are high in fibre, making them ideal for a healthy gut and for supporting a healthy balanced diet. The sweet and delicious nectarine fruit is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium, and is known to promote better metabolism as well as better heart health.


All of our fruit is hand-picked by our team and sourced from reputable markets late into the night. This guarantees absolute freshness for your fruit basket delivery. We ensure that your order includes fruit that is the perfect ripeness and the perfect amount of texture and flavour.