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Victoria Plums (300g)


Introducing the exquisite Victoria plums, a delightful addition to your Ripe office fruit delivery in London. These plump, ruby-hued gems offer a taste of pure summer sweetness, bringing a burst of natural goodness to your workplace. Victoria plums are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. They don’t just tantalise your taste buds but also promote well-being among your team. Whether enjoyed as a juicy snack or added to your morning yoghurt, these plums are the epitome of freshness and flavour. 

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Get ready to savour the royal treatment with our Victoria Plums – the regal jewels of the fruit kingdom, now making a grand entrance on your London doorstep! These plums are the juicy, sweet, and downright majestic rulers of snack time.

Handpicked for maximum deliciousness, our Victoria Plums are like nature's candy, ready to add a burst of flavour to your fruit bowl, desserts, or just a luxurious solo snack moment. Whether you're a plum aficionado or a fruity explorer, these little wonders are about to become the crown jewels of your pantry.

Say hello to Plum Paradise! 

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