Flat Peach New Season


Add flat peaches to your fruit delivery order with Ripe and enjoy an alternative peach variety at this time of year. Also known as the ‘donut peach’ or ‘Paraguaya’, this fruit is super succulent and refreshing to eat, and ideal for your office fruit bowl.


With an unusually flat shape that resembles a donut, the flat peach is often much easier to enjoy than its spherical cousin – making it an ideal office snack or something to enjoy on the go. Best of all, they taste too good to be true, much sweeter than a normal peach and with a rich almond undertone. The flesh tears away from the stone very easily too, so you won’t have to get messy at the desk.


We hand-pick all of our peaches from the best markets in the city, scouring London for the freshest, plumpest and finest fruits to add to your fruit order. We do all of our buying late into the night when the rest of the world is sleeping, ready to be delivered to your workplace every morning. Order a premium fruit box with Ripe today.

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