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Written by Ripe London on March 29, 2024

Fruitful ABCs: A-Z Guide to Deliciously Diverse Fruits

Ready to learn the alphabet of fruit? Well, we have a lot to get through! We’ve pooled together as many fruits that start with different letters as possible and haven't cheated with the hard letters! So, get ready to take a deep dive into what fruit starts with every letter of the alphabet! We deliver fruit boxes in London, by the way, so if you fancy some fruit after this, we have you covered! 

What Fruit Starts With A?

Apple: A Timeless Favourite

Apples are celebrated for their crisp texture and tart-sweet flavour. They are packed with essential nutrients like fibre and vitamin C. They are also part of the rose family just like almonds, the alpine strawberry and the Asian pear. From snacking to baking, apples remain a versatile and beloved fruit worldwide. Almost exclusively used in sweet dishes, some mavericks do use them in savoury dishes with great success too!

Apricot: A Silky Sensation

With their vivid orange colour and tangy-sweet taste, apricots offer a delightful treat. Rich in vitamins A and C, they were once used as a traditional medicine, but now people eat them as a tasty snack. Whether fresh or dried, apricots add a burst of flavour to jams, desserts, and savoury dishes.

Avocado: Creamy Indulgence

Often confused with a vegetable, Avocados are prized for their creamy texture and rich flavour, while also offering heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and a host of vitamins and minerals. From guacamole to smoothie bowls, avocados elevate any dish with their nutritional prowess. Avocado also goes perfectly with scrambled eggs on toast!

What Fruit Starts With B?

Banana: Nature's Energy Booster

Bananas, with their natural sweetness and abundance of potassium and vitamin C, are a beloved fruit enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether eaten as a convenient snack or incorporated into recipes, bananas provide a nutritious boost to any diet.

Blueberry: Tiny Nutritional Powerhouses

Blueberries are revered for their sweet-tart flavour and high antioxidant content, supporting brain function and healthy ageing. Whether enjoyed fresh or added to baked goods, blueberries offer a burst of flavour and nutrition.

What Fruit Starts With C?

Cantaloupe Melon: Refreshing Summer Delight

Cantaloupe's sweet and slightly musty flavour makes it a refreshing summer treat, rich in vitamins A and C. Whether enjoyed on its own or added to fruit salads, cantaloupe hydrates and nourishes the body.

Cherry: Juicy Burst of Sweetness

Cherries, with their vibrant red colour and sweet-tart taste, are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that support inflammation and heart health. Whether eaten fresh or incorporated into desserts, cherries offer a delicious and nutritious snack. The most commonly available cherries are the 'Bing Cherry'. There is also a slightly sweeter variety - the Black Cherry.

What Fruit Starts With D?

Date: Nature's Caramel

Dates provide a natural energy boost and aid in digestive health, thanks to their beautifully sweet and chewy texture. Whether enjoyed as a snack or used in cooking, dates add a touch of sweetness and substance to any dish.

Dragon Fruit: Tropical Marvel

Dragon fruit's striking appearance and refreshing flavour make it a standout fruit, high in nutrients that support immune function and digestion. Whether added to smoothies or enjoyed on its own, dragon fruit adds a tropical flair to any meal. Only grown in tropical regions, this fruit ripens quickly and tastes incredible!

What Fruit Starts With E?

Elderberry: Potent Immune Booster

Elderberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Well-known for their immune-stimulating properties and ability to combat cold and flu symptoms. Whether consumed in syrups or baked goods, elderberries offer a tart-sweet flavour and powerful health benefits.

What Fruit Starts With F?

Fig: Earthy Sweetness

Figs are prized for their sweet and chewy texture, rich in potassium, fibre, and antioxidants that support heart health and digestion. Whether fresh or dried, figs add a unique flavour and nutritional boost to both sweet and savoury dishes.

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What Fruit Starts With G?

Grape: Nature's Delight

Grapes, with their juicy sweetness and abundance of vitamins and minerals, support heart health and overall well-being. Whether enjoyed fresh or dried, grapes offer a burst of flavour and nutrients that are hard to resist.

Guava: Tropical Joy

Guava's sweet and tangy flavour, coupled with its high vitamin C content, makes it a popular choice for jams, juices, and pastries. Whether eaten fresh or incorporated into recipes, guava adds a tropical flair and nutritional boost to any dish. Guava originated from Central and South America. Archaeological sites have dated the cultivation of this and other foods in Central America as early as 2,500 BCE.

What Fruit Starts With H?

Honeydew melon: Refreshing Sweetness

Honeydew melon's light greeny yellow skin and delicious sweetness make it a refreshing choice, rich in vitamins C and B6. Whether enjoyed on its own or blended into smoothies, this sweet fruit hydrates and invigorates the body.

What Fruit Starts With I?

Ice Apple: Exotic Goodness 

The ice apple comes from India and is very rare. It’s only grown in the Eastern parts of the country. It has a shell like a coconut, a sweet taste like an apple, and is almost completely see-through, like ice! You can eat them raw, pickle them or cook them to enjoy the sugary flesh!

Indian Fig: Sharp Strawberries

This fruit has very sharp bristles making it rather annoying to handle. If you're brave enough, though, there is a very attractive and tasty treat waiting inside. Once you remove the skin, the fruit inside looks and tastes very similar to a strawberry!

What Fruit Starts With J?

Jackfruit: Tropical Giant

Jackfruit's versatile nature and nutritional profile make it an ideal meat alternative in vegetarian cuisine. It's high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, making this tropical fruit as healthy as it is delicious. Whether used in savoury dishes or desserts, jackfruit offers a unique and delightful culinary experience. Despite its goodness, jackfruit is actually an invasive species in Brazil!

What Fruit Starts With K?

Kiwi Fruit: Fuzzy Nutritional Powerhouse

Kiwi's fuzzy exterior hides a nutrient-rich interior, high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and fibre. Whether enjoyed on its own or added to salads, kiwi provides a tasty and colourful addition to any meal.

What Fruit Starts With L?

Lychee: Tropical Jewel

Lychee's distinctive flavour and floral aroma, coupled with its high vitamin C content, make it a very sought-after fruit for culinary creations. Whether enjoyed fresh or added to dishes, lychee adds a hint of tropical delight to any recipe. The lychee tastes similar to strawberries, but with notes of citrus, watermelon and prickly pear with hints of rose too.

What Fruit Starts With M?

Mango: King of Fruits

Mango's tropical sweetness and vibrant colour make it a beloved fruit worldwide. It's rich in nutrients that promote eye health and immune function. Whether eaten fresh, added to a smoothie or used in a variety of dishes, mango adds a taste of tropical paradise to every bite.

Mulberry: Sweet and Wholesome

Mulberries, with their sweet flavour and purple hue, offer several health benefits, including promoting digestion and cardiovascular health. They can be enjoyed fresh or dried. Either way, mulberries provide a tasty and nutritious addition to any diet.

What Fruit Starts With N?

Nectarine: Silky Sensation

Nectarines, with their silky skin and juicy flesh, are rich in vitamins A and C, supporting immune function and skin health. Whether eaten fresh or incorporated into salads or desserts, nectarines add a touch of class and sweetness to every dish.

What Fruit Starts With O?

Orange: Citrus Delight

Oranges, with their juicy flesh and vibrant flavour, are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that support collagen formation and immune health. Whether juiced or eaten fresh, oranges provide a zesty burst of flavour and nutrition.

What Fruit Starts With P?

Papaya: Tropical Delight

Papaya's bright orange flesh and deliciously unique flavour make it a nutrient-rich choice, high in folate, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Whether enjoyed fresh or blended into smoothies, this pear-shaped fruit adds a tropical sweetness and nutritional boost to any dish.

Passion Fruit: Exotic Elegance

Passion fruit's aromatic pulp and distinctive flavour make it a versatile ingredient for drinks, desserts, and sauces. Whether juiced or used in recipes, passion fruit adds a tropical flair and a delicious pop to any dish.

Peach: Summer Sensation

Peaches, with their delicate flavour and luscious flesh, are rich in vitamins A and C, supporting immunity and skin health. Peaches bring a taste of summer to every meal whether you eat them fresh or add them to a range of dishes.

Pear: Classic Elegance

Pears, with their crisp texture and delicately sweet flavour, are high in dietary fibre, supporting digestion and offering a satisfying crunch. Whether enjoyed fresh or added to recipes, pears lend a touch of natural sweetness to every dish.

Pineapple: Tropical Delicacy

Pineapple's juicy sweetness and fibrous texture make it a popular fruit choice, rich in vitamin C and bromeliad that support immune function and digestion. Whether eaten fresh or incorporated into cuisines, pineapple adds a tropical burst of flavour to any meal.

Plum: Sweet-Tart Delight

Plums, with their silky skin and luscious flesh, offer a burst of sweet-tart flavour and several health benefits. Whether enjoyed fresh or cooked, plums provide a gratifying and invigorating taste experience.

Pomegranate: Nutrient-dense Gem

Pomegranate's juicy arils and sweet-tangy flavour make it a flavourful addition to any dish. They are rich in nutrients that support overall health and well-being. Whether eaten fresh or incorporated into recipes, pomegranate adds a colourful burst of flavour and nutrition.

What Fruit Starts With Q?

Queen Tahiti Pineapple: Pineapple Royalty 

Unsurprisingly, this pineapple comes from Tahiti. They taste and look very similar to a traditional pineapple. Sadly, we aren’t too sure where the name comes from. We believe that pineapples have been grown in Tahiti since 1777. You also won’t find a Queen Tahiti Pineapple anywhere near the UK. Most are available at local markets in French Polynesia. 

Queen Forelle’s Pear: 

This pear was cultivated in greater Dresden by Manfred Fischer. We can’t find any information about the name or where it came from, but we do know this pear is a cross between the Nordhäuser Winter Forelle pear and the Madame Verté pear. It is apparently rather crunchy, juicy and sweet. Many people use these pears in salads because of their beautiful red/green skin. 

What Fruit Starts With R?

Raspberry: Tangy Sweetness

Raspberries, with their brilliantly bright red colour and juicy texture, are high in fibre and antioxidants that support immunity and digestion. Whether enjoyed fresh or added to dishes, raspberries offer a burst of tangy sweetness and nutritional benefits.

What Fruit Starts With S?

Strawberry: Iconic Summer Delight

Strawberries, with their sweet flavour and vibrant red colour, are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that support overall health. Whether eaten fresh or used in desserts, strawberries provide a taste of summer happiness in every bite.


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What Fruit Starts With T?

Tangerine: Zesty Citrus Wonder

Tangerines are known for their vibrant orange colour and sweet-tart flavour. They are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that support immune health and beautiful skin. Whether enjoyed as a snack or added to recipes, tangerines offer a sweet and spicy taste experience.

What Fruit Starts With U?

Ukrainian Heart Tomato: Hearty Goodness

These tasty tomatoes contain very little juice or seeds, just rich tomatoey flesh! They are named for their shape, of course, and because they are found in Ukraine. They are a beautifully bright red fading into yellows and greens as you reach the stalk. These tomatoes have a rich, well-balanced, fruit flavour making them ideal for a stew on Valentine's Day!

Ugli Fruit: Yeah, it's a bit ugly!

This odd-looking fruit was discovered in Jamaica in 1917. It was growing naturally in the wild near Brown's Town. It's believed to be a natural hybrid of an orange or tangerine with a grapefruit or pomelo, and tastes like one too! It's a citrus fruit, similar in taste to grapefruit but too ugly to be eaten raw for breakfast sadly!

What Fruit Starts With V?

Vanilla Fruit: The Orchid Anomaly

Vanilla is the only edible fruit of the orchid family. And yes, it is a fruit! However, it is a fruit that is considered a spice. So, the vanilla bean isn’t a bean, it's a fruit that is also a spice! Confused yet? Vanilla orchids only grow in a very small subsection of the world and Madagascar produces a massive 80% of the world’s vanilla!

Victoria Plums: Gorgeously Sweet

This beautifully sweet plum was named after Queen Victoria. Interestingly, this variety of plum was discovered in a garden in Alderton, Sussex. However, someone forgot to discover Alderton first, as there has never been an Alderton in Sussex. So, where did these incredibly delicious and beautifully purple plums come from? We have absolutely no idea, but they sure are tasty!

What Fruit Starts With W?

Watermelon: Hydrating Summer Treat

Watermelon's high water content and delicious juiciness make it a refreshing fruit choice, perfect for hot summer days. Whether eaten fresh or blended into juices, watermelon provides a blast of juicy sweetness with every bite.

What Fruit Starts With X?

Xigua: Massive Melon!

This melon is from Africa and has a beautiful, almost tiger-like exterior. If tigers were green with yellow stripes. While it looks very similar to a watermelon on the outside, it is actually a lovely bright yellow inside and tastes slightly sweeter than a watermelon. It is a rich source of vitamin C too!

What Fruit Starts With Y?

Yellow Dragon Fruit: A Yellow Marvel

A yellow dragon fruit is a slightly sweeter, and slightly more beautiful variety, of the dragon fruit. We have nothing against red dragon fruit, but the yellow dragon has lots going for it. It’s not only a bit sweeter because it contains more sugar, but it’s also richer in nutrients. It contains higher levels of vitamins A and C as well as iron and calcium!

What Fruit Starts With Z?

Zwetschge: The Blue Plum

Also known as the prune plum and the blue plum, this fruit could have landed on multiple places on this list, but we decided to reserve it until the end (not that we were desperate for fruit being ‘Z’ or anything!). This is very similar to other plums you’ve enjoyed, it is beautifully sweet and juicy and is very popular in its native country of Germany.

Frequently Asked Fruit Questions

Which Fruits Are Abundant with Antioxidants?

Berries, including raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, are rich sources of antioxidants known for their numerous health benefits. Eating a cup of berries every day is excellent for you and a tasty treat to look forward to!

Which Fruits Are Suitable for Juicing?

Any fruits with high water content are excellent for juicing. Such as oranges, pomegranates, grapes, watermelons, berries and apples are popular choices for juicing due to their refreshing flavour and nutritional value.

Why Are Fruits Important in the Diet?

Fruits are essential in the diet as they provide essential minerals, fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants, supporting overall health, immune function, and digestion. Regular consumption of fruits can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote well-being.

Which Fruits Have the Maximum Medicinal Properties?

While no single fruit can be deemed to have the highest medicinal properties, berries are often considered superior due to their high antioxidant content and beneficial compounds that contribute to overall health and well-being.

Well, we hope you feel as full of fruits as we do now! We also hope your favourite fruit appeared on this list as it would be pretty awkward if it didn’t! Anyhoo, why not explore our blog for more tasty info about fruit and veg? And, if you’re in London, why not order some of your favourite fresh fruit from Ripe? We even do office fruit boxes that can be delivered directly to your office along with all of the pantry supplies you need!

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