Kiwi (Each)


Add delicious kiwis (priced per fruit) to your fruit basket order. We hand-pick the freshest, juiciest and perfectly ripened fruits and deliver them to your office each morning.


Our kiwis are all checked for freshness, and are a great supplement for a healthy fruit basket for your team. Low in calories and loaded with vitamins and minerals, kiwis are excellent for keeping everyone healthy, happy and more productive. They are high in fibre to maintain a healthy gut and have very high vitamin C content to ward off cold and flu in winter.


The succulent kiwi fruit originates from the Yangtze River Valley and also the Zhejiang Province in China. The first seeds were sent over to New Zealand at the start of the century, and kiwis are now enjoyed all over the world. The best way to eat them is the cut and scoop method, using a spoon to get to the tasty green flesh. Alternatively, you can skin the fruit and then slice. Kiwis are perfect for juices and smoothies, are great for sorbets and desserts, or can be layered in a breakfast pot with yoghurt and granola.