Seedless Grape (500g)


Supplement your premium fruit box with seedless grapes (price per 500g) and have our fresh fruit hand-picked and delivered to your office any day of the week.


With our premium fruit baskets and wholesome food selection, you can keep your team happy, healthy and more productive! Our grapes are juicy, crisp and sweet and make an easy snacking option at any time of day.  They are handy to eat at the desk, for meetings or for teams who are on-the-go. Totally versatile, grapes can also be added to fruit salads, savoury salads, cereals and muesli, or can be juiced with all your other favourite fruits.


We promise that our grapes, along with everything else in your fruit box, are as fresh as can be. No matter the season, we search London’s top fruit markets and have the finest selection delivered to you by the crack of dawn or later in the day. Order your premium fruit box now.