Prepared Fruit

from  £1.99

Add prepared fruit to your premium fruit box delivery with Ripe for the ultimate ease and convenience for busy days in the office. Whether you’re catering for meetings and events or trying to promote healthy eating in your team, our prepared fruit options make it super easy.


Choose from cut pineapple, cut mango, cut melon or a large fruit salad containing some top favourites. These delicious servings of freshly prepared fruit make it easy to enjoy at the desk or on the go – and are ideal for offices where kitchen facilities aren’t available. We’ll deliver your selected fruit freshly chopped so you can devour them as soon as they come off our delivery van.


If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to biscuits, order our prepared fruit salads today. They are refreshing, thirst-quenching and yummy enough to satisfy any sweet tooth, without the same calories and sugar content. Promote a healthy workforce and help to boost productivity and morale with our wonderful healthy snack options. We source of fruit from the best markets in London and always ensure that they are fresh, ripe and delicious to eat straight away.