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Written by Ripe London on January 5, 2024

How to Plan Breakfast for the Office: Delicious and Nutritious Options

Ensuring that we’re eating healthy, filling food every morning can feel like just another demanding aspect of life. Yet it’s also one of the most important factors in terms of staying energised and productive throughout the day, which is why planning breakfast for the office for everyone is indispensable.

Whether you're an office manager, HR professional, or just someone enthusiastic about boosting the office's vitality, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to create breakfast foods that energise and unify your team. That’s where Ripe London comes in — making healthy office food easier to find and easier to eat.

As experts in healthy office eating, we've naturally got a few ideas for the most important meal of the way. Have you ever wondered how a breakfast pizza could boost productivity? Probably not, but chew on these suggestions for how to plan a nutritious breakfast for everyone in the office!

Office Breakfast Ideas

When trying to plan a workplace breakfast, it’s fun and helpful to get everyone involved. Whether that means encouraging everyone to make breakfast for the office or getting a fruit and snack box delivered to the reception desk, there’s plenty of inspiration out there if you’re planning breakfast for the office.

The Office Breakfast Buffet

Everyone loves a buffet — they’re easy, exciting, and filling. For a successful and delicious office breakfast buffet, try a breadth of hot and cold healthy food options. Whether go to classics or something a bit more in-depth for a Monday morning, there's no need for it to be a special occasion!

  • Eggs (whether scrambled, fried, or cooked in any other comforting way)
  • Omelettes (with cream cheese, sauces, and chopped veggies)
  • Grilled meat, or meat alternatives
  • Hash browns or potato waffles
  • Waffles (with fresh fruits and creams)
  • Muffins, scones, and other pastries or baked goods (for those with a sweet tooth)
  • Breakfast sandwiches, with filling cooked meats

The Healthy Office Breakfast

Whether part of a workplace wellness initiative or if you’re just trying to energise your employees through food, these ultra-healthy office breakfast ideas are perfect.

  • Fruit bowls (with favourites like bananas, apples, and strawberries)
  • Exotic fruit bowls (with mangoes, dragonfruits, or papaya)
  • Low-sugar cereals (with dairy and non-dairy milks and yoghurts)
  • Porridge (with various ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, and natural sweeteners)
A bowl of the lowest calories fruit. A selection of kiwis, oranges, mango, strawberries, blueberries and grapes

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A Healthy Breakfast Potluck

If these ideas seem like too much work is falling on management, why not consider a potluck as the focal point for an office breakfast?

Encourage employees to prepare their favourite delicious breakfast foods and bring them in to share with everyone else one morning. This is a great alternative if needing heaps of food already in the office doesn't fit into your diary.

  • Homemade pastries
  • Fruit platters
  • Breakfast wrap/burrito (with scrambled eggs and bacon, along with beans, rice, and salsa)
  • Breakfast pizza (with scrambled eggs, cream cheese, and breakfast meats with peppers, onion, and tomato)

Handy Things to Remember When Planning a Breakfast for the Office

Regardless of the menu you’ve selected, there are certain things you’ll still have to consider. Chew on some of the following to elevate your office breakfast ideas…

Make Time For A Delicious Breakfast

Setting aside enough time for everyone to truly enjoy these office breakfast ideas is vital to reaping the benefits. From letting employees know that you care for them, to giving them a social break from work, consider allowing for at least an hour out of the morning. Whether you're looking to add seasonal office breakfast parties to the calendar, or just a one-off midweek treat, you'll be stopping employees from skipping breakfast and ensuring they stay energised.

Let employees eat at a relaxed pace, meaning they can go for round two and truly get their nutritional fill. They also won’t feel pushed back into work, meaning employees will approach the rest of the work day with an energised and optimistic attitude. With a set time for employees to enjoy a full breakfast in the office, everyone will come away nourished and vitalised.

Ensure Dietary Needs Are Considered

When planning breakfast for the entire office, you can’t forget to ensure that dietary needs and choices are taken into account. Recognising and accommodating dietary preferences and requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free, has a number of positive effects on the office environment.

By providing employees with a variety of choices, you empower them to select healthy breakfast options that align with their individual needs. Resulting in increased satisfaction and better focus throughout the day, taking dietary considerations into account not only demonstrates your commitment to the team’s wellbeing but fosters a harmonious and inclusive office culture.

Account For Individual Work Schedules

Especially these days, not everyone is going to be in the office from 9-to-5. Employees may arrive at different times, with different schedules and eating times. So, try to plan breakfast for the office so that it's open to everyone.

By ensuring a flexible timeframe for workplace breakfast offerings, you not only meet the needs of your team but also contribute to a harmonious work environment which values organisation. You also enable employees to start their day with nourishment, regardless of when they clock in.

Eat Nat Mixed

Healthy snacks and pantry supplies from Ripe London

Fresh Fruit or Breakfast Sandwiches: Get Everything You Need For Your Office Breakfast From Ripe London

Understanding the importance of fostering a healthy workplace environment, and helping you simplify the process, is what we do here at Ripe. When it comes to planning a nutritious and exciting office breakfast, you’ll find everything in one convenient place with Ripe.

Our commitment to quick delivery times means you can rely on us to provide you with the freshest produce just when you need it. No more worrying about fruit going bad before it can be enjoyed.

And if you're looking to diversify your workplace snacking options, or for some exciting office breakfast ideas, we offer a range of other healthy treats that can be seamlessly added to your order:

  • A colourful array of fresh fruits for snacking, in a bowl of cereal, or as the featured flavour in a breakfast smoothie
  • Crisp veggies, like peppers and onions, for classics like the omelette or modern favourites like the breakfast burrito
  • With dairy and non-dairy milks, cheeses, and yoghurts, you can execute whatever you’re planning for breakfast in the office
  • With bread, muffins, cereals, and pantry items always in stock, you’ve got everything you could possibly need for all those office meeting breakfast ideas.

We’ve made it our mission to find fresh fruit and healthy snacks quickly and easily. With a user-friendly platform and streamlined delivery process, planning a healthy office breakfast has never been easier.

So, go to our office fruit boxes to start eating and working better.

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