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UHT Long Life Milk 1 ltr


Experience the blend of convenience and quality with our UHT Long Life Milk. This 1-litre carton is filled with high-quality milk that has been Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treated to ensure long-lasting freshness without the need for refrigeration until opened. This process not only extends its shelf life but also maintains the wholesome taste and nutritional value of the milk.
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Perfect for every occasion, UHT Long Life Milk can be enjoyed chilled on its own, poured over your favourite cereal, or used as a creamy addition to hot beverages. Its versatile nature makes it an excellent choice for cooking and baking, enriching your recipes with its rich dairy flavour.

The practical, durable packaging allows for easy storage and ensures that you always have a supply of milk at hand. With our UHT Long Life Milk, you can enjoy the goodness of dairy anytime, anywhere. It's not just milk – it's a pantry staple that guarantees convenience without compromising on quality.

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