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Lacto Free Semi Skimmed - 1 ltr


Lacto Free Semi-Skimmed Milk is a specially crafted dairy product that is entirely free from lactose, designed for individuals with lactose intolerance or those seeking a digestive-friendly milk alternative.
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This 1-litre delight promises you the creamy richness and nutritional benefits of regular semi-skimmed milk without the discomfort of lactose. Whether it's to pour over your cherished breakfast cereal or to add a smooth finish to your coffee or tea, Lacto Free Milk transforms everyday meals into delightful, digestive-friendly experiences.

Savour the traditional taste and texture of milk, with the added peace of mind that it’s designed with your dietary needs in mind. Make our Lacto Free Semi-Skimmed Milk your go-to choice for a healthful, lactose-free dairy alternative. It's not just milk – it's a delicious, accessible option for enjoying all your favourite dairy-inclusive dishes, lactose-free.

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