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Written by Ripe London on April 26, 2024

When is the Best Time to Eat Fruit?

When is the best time to eat fruit? It's a question that floats around the internet and gets many people believing that the time we eat fruits can have a direct impact on weight loss and even weight gain. So, it's time we weighed into this conversation. We'll be exploring (and debunking) common myths about the best time to eat fruits, as well as much more! Keep reading as we uncover the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit behind 'the best time' to consume fruits.

When Is The Best Time To Eat Fruits?

Contrary to what some online sources claim, there's no definitive 'best' time to eat fruits. Health experts agree that fruits can and should be incorporated into your diet at any time of day. Neither your body's carb tolerance, metabolic rate, or nutrient absorption ability are affected by the hour at which you eat.

Neither are the sugar content or glycemic index (how quickly food can affect blood sugar levels) of fruits. What you eat doesn't really care about what the clocks are saying! Whether as a morning snack, a midday refresher, or a post-dinner treat, fruits offer vital nutrients whenever consumed.

Claims about specific timing for fruit consumption, such as on an empty stomach or before a meal, often lack scientific backing and vary based on individual preferences - your body composition and your digestion process impact nutrient absorption much more than the time of day. Ultimately, what matters most is incorporating a variety of fruits into your daily diet to support overall health and well-being, regardless of the time of day.

Trust your body's cues and enjoy fruits daily - whenever they fit into your routine, maximising their benefits to nourish and energise your body (and your tastebuds!). Here are some of the best fruits for weight loss and encouraging a balanced diet.

Fruit on a desk with someone working in the background. This is to represent nutrition at work

Enjoy fruit any time of the day with a delivery from Ripe

Debunking Common Fruit Intake Myths!

So, if most scientific evidence and clinical nutrition experts say that there are no better health benefits from eating fruits at certain times, what else can we say about how consuming fruits can have different impacts depending on the time?

Afternoon Is The Best Time For Eating Fruits - Really?

Forget the hype; there's no science backing up the argument for eating fruits reserved exclusively for the afternoon. Crunching on an apple or diving into a juicy mango during the midday slump can offer a delightful energy boost, but that's all.

Fruits don't exactly follow schedules. Whenever you decide to eat fruit, they'll offer their nutrients and flavours as you fancy. Whether it's in the morning on an empty stomach or an after-dinner evening treat, fruits are there to satisfy your cravings and nourish your body. You can even incorporate fruit intake into your evening meal - don't forget that tomatoes and olives count as fruit...

So, keep enjoying your favourite fruits whenever the mood strikes — you're always on the guest list for a fruity feast!

You Must Avoid Eating Fruit Before Bed

Contrary to popular belief, enjoying at least a small portion of fruit before bed won't likely sabotage your sleep quality. While a three-course meal before snoozing would probably disrupt proper sleep, a modest serving of fresh fruit poses minimal risk.

In fact, research suggests that eating fruits like kiwi could even enhance sleep quality - maybe due to their vitamin C content and serotonin-boosting properties. So, feel free to nibble on some fruit before bedtime — it might just contribute to a good night's sleep, especially when compared to a sandwich or a bowl of cereal.

Let's be honest: eating fruits isn't the first thought on our minds before bed, but maybe it should be!

Always, Always, Always, Eat Fruit On An Empty Stomach!

There's no scientific evidence supporting the notion that it's only beneficial to eat fruit on an empty stomach. While some advocate for this practice to 'optimise nutrient absorption', it's largely a myth. Due to being packed with nutrients and vitamins, you'll probably feel better after eating fruits on an empty stomach when compared to chocolate, but there are no special health benefits to this.

Eating fruit alongside a meal slows down the digestive system, leading to 'rotting fruit in the stomach indefinitely', as some people peddle. This is as nonsensical as it sounds - mould simply couldn't grow in stomach acid.

While fruits, especially those high in fibre, can help manage your appetite and leave you feeling less hungry, there's no magic timing for their consumption. You'll get fewer calories if you eat fruits on an empty stomach because you may eat slightly less after you’ve eaten fruit.

So, relax - you can eat fruit with meals or as snacks throughout the day and they'll still provide all the nutrients you could want - empty belly or not.

Diabetes, Blood Sugar And Fruit

While there's a common belief that diabetics should consume fruit 1-2 hours after cooked food or meals, there's little scientific backing for this claim.

In fact, for those managing diabetes, eating fruit on its own can raise blood sugar levels and lead to a blood sugar spike anyway. This is because the natural sugars in fruit are absorbed more rapidly when not accompanied by proteins or fats that slow digestion.

To manage blood sugar effectively, it's crucial for diabetics to make informed choices, consulting healthcare professionals for personalised dietary help and guidance on keeping a safe blood sugar level rather than relying on unfounded recommendations about when to eat fruit.

This Is Definitely The Best Time To Eat Fruits If You Want To Lose Weight!

If you're concerned about weight loss, blood sugar, or energy levels, there are plenty of people out there willing to tell you (and sell you) the best time to eat fruits. The fact is, most fruits give their nutritional benefits regardless of the time of day (we haven't managed to get the mysterious clockberry back in stock yet).

Eating fruits is a great habit to build into your daily routine! You'll get so many more nutrients and vitamins in your diet, as well as cutting out the nasty stuff associated with processed foods. There's no best time to eat fruits as long as you're doing it regularly. The health benefits are the same regardless of whether you're sprinkling berries on your cereal, eating citrus fruits for lunch, or having dried fruit after your evening meal.

The issue comes from avoiding fruit, either because you're obsessed with burning calories or because you've been told you may develop digestive problems as a result. For the maximum benefits of a balanced diet, you should eat fruit (preferably you'll eat fruits, plural) at multiple times a day!

Just eat fruits as part of a balanced diet, with or without a meal, and everything will be fine!

The Best Way to Eat Fruits During Your Time at Work: Ripe London

Fancy eating more fruit than you currently do? Or, do you want your employees or team members to be healthier, consuming fruits over sugary snacks and processed foods?

From seasonal fruits to dried fruits, citrus fruits to custard apples, Ripe London ensures you can eat them all conveniently. We deliver fruits and snacks directly to your workplace, anywhere in London, along with all their healthy nutrients.

We think the best time to eat fruits is as soon as they get delivered! So, check out our office fruit boxes to get as many nutrients as you want, whatever the time of day: we promise they won't get stuck in your digestive system!

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