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Written by Ripe London on November 18, 2016

New – we now deliver a range of non-dairy milk, too

43263736 - different vegan milk: almond milk, hazelnut milk and oat milk

Over the last few years, more and more people have become aware of the issue of lactose intolerance, a condition in which the body is unable to digest a type of sugar known as lactose that is mainly found in milk and dairy products. Add to that the ever-increasing number of people switching to vegan and vegetarian diets for both health and ethical reasons, and the demand for alternatives to traditional dairy milk has never been greater.

But even if you’re not lactose intolerant or pursuing a dairy free diet, lactose-free milk has many health benefits to recommend it to everyone. And that’s where RIPE can help out, as in addition to delivering the healthiest fresh fruit and energy-giving snacks direct to your workplace, we can also keep you topped up with a wide variety of lactose-free milk – from Almond and Soya to Rice Milk.

Let’s take a look at some of the main health benefits of switching to lactose-free milk.

Fighting the effects of lactose intolerance

As we’ve already acknowledged, the issue of lactose intolerance is one that people are increasingly aware of. In fact, according to some sources much of the world’s population are lactose intolerant.

Providing lactose-free milk as an option for client meetings, for your employees and co-workers is becoming increasingly crucial to maintaining a happy and healthy workplace. And that’s where RIPE are happy to help.

Better for the Environment


Milk production has been shown to have a substantial effect on the environment, leaving a large footprint on air quality, water quality and the surrounding ecosystem.

And of course, not only could switching to lactose-free milk be better for the world around you, it could also be better for you. Reducing the amount of dairy milk you consume could mean there will be fewer antibiotics and hormones finding their way into your diet.

Better for you


Not only can lactose-free milk help you feel better on the inside, but the benefits could become apparent on the outside as well. Many people have reported their skin becoming much clearer, with a growing number of dermatologists now recommending a dairy-free diet as a key step in treating acne.

There is also growing evidence to suggest that switching to a dairy-free diet can help people lose weight. Not only is dairy surprisingly high in sugar but alternatives to dairy milk often contain more calcium.

More variety

RIPE is ready to introduce you to a whole range of lactose-free milk to help you find your way to a healthier workplace, including our best-selling non-dairy option, Almond Milk, which is low in fat but high in energy-giving proteins.

Soya Milk is maybe the most well-known dairy-free milk and is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Rice Milk can be the best option for anyone suffering from an allergy to lactose in particular or dairy milk in general.

If you want to fuel your workplace with a healthier kind of milk, then let RIPE point you in the right direction and add sample when you next get your fruit delivered to work.


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