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Written by Ripe London on August 9, 2023

How Healthy Food Deliveries Can Benefit Your Business

With a varied and nutritional diet being essential to our overall well-being, it can be easy to dream about living a supremely healthy lifestyle. Waking up with the sun and heading to the gym after a fat-free breakfast, and still being the first person in the office with a healthy lunch in tow, is a nice ideal — but most of us are far too busy to even consider scheduling our mornings as such.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to order fresh and healthy foods straight to your office door; so you can reap the rewards with no extra stress.

Improve Productivity Through Nutrition Science

Foods that are high in saturated fats and sugar may give a quick boost to energy levels and offer the emotional satisfaction of a chocolate bar or carbonated drink, but this is quickly followed by a crash in blood sugar levels. Fat and carb-heavy foods like cheeseburgers offer lots of energy, but the process of digesting them takes vital resources away from other parts of the body. Either way, cognition, and therefore productivity, collapse as less oxygen and energy reaches the brain.

To take full advantage of our digestive systems, eating foods known for their slow release of energy and packed with nutrients and minerals to aid our brains is a quick and clever move to make in the workplace. Consistent healthy snacking to maintain blood sugar levels is easy when fresh produce and health-oriented nibbles are available and encouraged in the office.

If we are what we eat, then being the nutrients needed to stay focused is the fastest way to a boost in productivity. With hand-selected fruit and veg offered and delivered through Ripe, you can ensure employees are at their best in terms of energy levels throughout the working day.

Give Your Employees a Boost Through Healthy Food Deliveries

A definite benefit of fast food delivery to workplaces is the sense of excitement and satisfaction as convenient and tasty food appears right at the desk. However, that double bacon cheeseburger or carb-filled chicken wrap is bursting with productivity-killers.

By ordering a selection of fresh produce and hearty snacks to keep at their desk, employees can experience that same excitement whilst cutting out the negative health impacts. Acting as a bonding moment between staff and management, your team will feel valued by the gesture of healthy foods delivered straight to the office door. You may see overall cohesion and wellbeing amongst your staff as a result, as well as the boost to your workplace productivity.

Use Meal Times More Efficiently

By having healthy food on a regular delivery schedule with Ripe, you’ll be able to cut out frustrating wastes of time and energy during the lunch hour rush. By factoring in travel and wait time, it becomes clear that travelling out of the office to eat is rarely an effective use of that time. If your workplace has a kitchen or canteen, you may be aware of employees feeling stressed or frustrated by the midday rush to get fed.

Removing the need to hurry to and from work for food, you can schedule healthy food to be delivered straight to your workplace with Ripe. A more effective use of employee downtime, you’ll limit exhaustion and maximise productivity by using set breaks more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

A balanced diet and an educated approach to eating habits is essential to being our best selves. By changing what’s being eaten, we can improve our efficiency and productivity in the workplace. With everyone having their own tastes and dietary requirements, it can feel daunting as a business owner to try and make these alterations.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to order fresh and healthy foods straight to your office door. At Ripe, we believe in the power of healthy eating in order for businesses to excel. As a London-wide delivery service, we supply fresh produce, healthy snacks, and even dairy and non-dairy milks to workplaces all over the city. Let your employees experience the excitement of fast food delivery with none of the downsides.

We’re committed to high standards of produce and delivery. We can take the stress away from incentivising healthier workplace habits by shipping straight to your door.

For more information, visit our shop page to start eating and working better.

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