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Written by Ripe London on July 14, 2023

How to Encourage a Healthier Workplace

It has been found that FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform comparable companies which do not by as much as 10%. Workplace physical inactivity costs UK businesses up to £6.6 billion a year because of sick leave, absenteeism, and presenteeism (the act of turning up to work but feeling little drive to excel). Since 2018, the UK government has promoted wider conversations about healthy workplace habits and helping employees eat well.

From a business perspective, it’s clear that caring for the health and wellbeing of employees is a fundamental function of employers in the 21st century. With the help of Ripe, you can raise your company culture and productivity by making slight changes to the way your offices work.

Changing Your Company’s Culture

In order to encourage health in the workplace, it’s important to lead by example. Simple changes can be made tomorrow to begin the journey of greater wellbeing and productivity.

The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism found that 70% of employees would partake in workplace wellness programs if they were offered. These can encompass both mental and physical health, because of the overlap of positive changes that can be made in the workplace. Organising an office hike or football tournament, as opposed to a night out, is a quick internal change you can make to inspire health at work — as well as save money!

With the prevalence of electronic screens in our workplaces, it’s no surprise that mobile-related eye strain impacts 28% of Londoners who responded to a Uswitch survey. Contributing to sick leave and a loss of enthusiasm, this issue can be avoided by introducing ‘phone-free’ lunch breaks or mornings. Limiting mobile phone usage down to essential at work would be a simple and effective step to improve productivity. The aim is to make subtle procedure changes in your workspace which will lead employees to make healthier choices.

Ensuring Safer Workplaces

To promote wellness at work, be mindful of health and safety in the workplace. Ensuring noise levels, temperature, and air quality are within a positive range, as well as providing an abundance of natural light, can be tough. However, the positive benefits of these on productivity are almost immediate. If possible, avoid ‘always on’ culture or extended periods of crunch to reduce anxiety and stress. Put simply, people will be more enthusiastic about heading into the office and working if it’s a nice place to be.

It has been found that employees who stop smoking can show a 70% increase in workplace productivity within the first two years of quitting. While it is mandated by law that all shared and public indoor spaces are smoke-free, there remain at least 6 million people of working age in the UK who consume tobacco products. By establishing a quit-smoking campaign at work — inviting in experts to speak with employees or setting a ‘challenge’ to quit for a month — those who continue to smoke will be encouraged to stop for good. Your business will see those productivity boosts as a result.

You Are What You Eat

If your business offers snacks, or includes canteen lunches, this guarantees you an opportunity for swift change. To ensure employee health and wellbeing, take a look at the food and drink that is being served. Vending machines stacked with fizzy drinks, crisps, and other foods filled with sugars may be enticing, but the impact this will have on the diets of people in the workplace is serious.

Discourage the delivery of takeout to the office because, while it may seem to energise people, the negative health impacts of these types of food are infamous. Rather than preserved and junk foods, begin offering healthy alternatives for snacks and lunch. Stock canteens or snack cupboards with fruit, vegetables, and nuts. The presence of fresh produce and a blender in the staff kitchen will encourage lunchtime smoothies, as opposed to carbonated drinks.

We’re aware that supplying a constant stream of fresh fruit and vegetables to employees can sound like time and money that is best spent elsewhere. Yet, with our help, your workplace health can be taken care of.

Use Ripe

We are Ripe, a London-wide delivery service of fresh fruit and vegetables. Founded by renowned fruiterers, it’s our mission to ship seasonal fruit, healthy snacks, and a range of milks to workplaces and homes across the capital. Passionate about health, we source the produce in our boxes to ensure that it hasn’t been sitting in storage for days or weeks on end.

Get homely bananas and satsumas delivered to your office, or treat your employees to the excitement of a dragonfruit. Customise your delivery by size and contents, ensuring that — whether you have a team of two or two hundred — everyone can find something for them delivered straight to reception. With non-dairy options and a variety of pantry snacks, we accommodate all dietary needs and lifestyle choices.

With an abundance of healthy food at your office door for employees to enjoy, you’ll notice those boosts in productivity and engagement from the first order. Experience the excitement of fast food delivery with none of the downsides.

Final Thoughts

There’s a range of changes businesses can make to ensure healthy and happy employees. By encouraging physical activity and dietary changes, productivity and engagement skyrockets.

With Ripe, your business can experience the multitude of positives that come with a healthier workplace with no added stress or preservatives.

For more information, visit our shop page to start eating and working better.

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