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Written by Ripe London on December 15, 2023

Are Fruit Gift Baskets Worth It?

Fruit gift baskets have gained immense popularity as a versatile and thoughtful choice for a host of occasions. From birthdays to leaving days and even making a great impression on important clients. These vibrant and delicious baskets have cemented their place in the world of workplace gifting. Here are five reasons why you should send fruit gift baskets to your employees and clients.

Five Reasons to Give a Fruit Gift Basket

We have corporate fruit gift baskets suitable for a variety of workplace events. They can provide an excellent impression of your business, ensure your employees have healthy, fresh snacks or be the ideal gift for welcoming a new member of the team. Yet this is only scratching the surface of why giving a fruit basket is worth it.

They Keep On Giving

Each time an employee or client pulls a delicious piece of fresh fruit from the basket, they are reminded of you. For employees, they’ll feel heard, appreciated and happy to work for such a thoughtful boss. For clients, it gives them an excellent impression of your business and a tasty treat that will keep you at the forefront of their minds.

A fruit gift basket doesn’t just sit on a shelf, abandoned until it’s thrown away during a spring clean. Nor does it get used once and then forgotten. Until that beautifully arranged fruit is devoured, it is a consent reminder of you and what your business stands for.

Box Of Fruit

Order your fruit basket from Ripe London

Fruit Baskets Can be Personalised

Whether it's a premium fruit basket, a deluxe fruit and veg box, or an exotic fruit gift basket Fruit baskets offer a high-level of professionalism and personalisation.

For example, if someone has a fondness for exotic fruits such as guava or starfruit, you can gift these in a specialised basket. With a handwritten note included, matching a fruit basket to the tastes of a potential client or employee going on compassionate leave is a heartwarming gesture and an effective way of demonstrating that you care about their needs.

They’re Nutritious and Delicious

Whether a unique gift for the holiday season or a farewell surprise for the office exercise fanatic, a fruit gift basket is a healthy alternative to the endless chocolate hauls we all receive throughout the year.

One of the best advantages a fruit basket has over other food gifts is how they embody health and wellness. Fruits are nature’s nutritional powerhouses, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Also bursting with flavour, and sparkling with colour, fruits are both a delightful and invigorating speciality which support the recipient’s health. Making them an ideal choice for a stand-out special gift. You may find an added layer of gratitude in their thank-yous.

Fruit Gift Baskets Are Unforgettable

Unlike generic, common, or even thoughtless presents, a fruit gift basket has the power to leave a lasting impression. A beautifully arranged hamper of fresh fruits and high-quality treats demonstrates care and consideration. It shows you’ve thought at length about the right gift, not content to give them a simple bar of chocolate or the dreaded shampoo and shower gel set.

You’ve taken the time to select a gift which promotes well-being and inspires surprise and excitement. A fruit gift basket will be remembered fondly and appreciatively for a long time to come. It will strengthen acquaintanceships and professional relationships to create lasting positive connections with whoever you hand your gift basket to.

They’re Quick and Easy (When You Use Ripe)

Instead of braving crowded supermarkets or losing hours down an online rabbit hole searching for the perfect gift, you can quickly order a fruit gift basket with just a few clicks. At Ripe, we believe that fruit should be easily accessible to workplaces across the capital.

This extends to our fruit gift baskets. You can choose to have your hamper delivered straight to the recipient or any other address in London. Whether it’s a birthday, corporate event, or farewell party, you don’t have to waste time selecting a personalised gift. When you order a fruit gift basket from Ripe, all the hard work is done for you.

Ripe’s fruit gift baskets suit all business occasions. Totally handmade, using only the finest market produce we’ve hand-selected, you’ll also get a handwritten card and someone’s lasting gratitude.

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