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Watermelon (Each)


Add fresh watermelon to your premium fruit box delivery and keep your office fruit selection exciting and interesting, with timely deliveries available every single morning during the working week. Order watermelon by the kilo, and enjoy this thirst-quenching fruit for breakfast, lunch or as an afternoon snack.   Such a versatile fruit, the watermelon can be eaten in slices, chopped up and added to sweet or savoury salads, or juiced into a refreshing drink. Often a favourite for the summer, this fruit with high water content is a healthy alternative to office junk food. Watermelons taste crisp and sweet, and are great for cleaning the palate. Plus, they’re low in sugar and great for staying on track with a strict diet plan.   Our team of expert fruit buyers search the best markets in the city to source the freshest watermelons – and have them picked and packed ready for delivery first thing each morning. Order your premium fruit box with Ripe today.
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