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Coca-Cola Cans 24 x 150ml


Elevate your office refreshment game with our 24-pack of 150ml Coca-Cola Cans, a perfect addition to your Ripe fruit box delivery in London. Quench your team's thirst with the timeless, fizzy sensation of Coca-Cola, a classic favourite that never goes out of style. Whether you're seeking a caffeine boost or simply a satisfying sip, these 150ml cans provide the perfect pick-me-up.
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Quench your thirst and add a fizzy twist to your day with our 24-pack of 150ml Coca-Cola cans – the pocket-sized happiness delivery for Londoners! The iconic taste of Coca-Cola awaits in miniature form.

Perfect for unleashing a bubbly burst of joy whenever you need it. Whether you're chilling with friends, powering through work, or gearing up for a movie night, these little cans of happiness are your go-to sidekick.

Forget the hassle of big bottles – these mini marvels are here to bring the classic Coca-Cola vibe in a size that fits your London lifestyle. Grab your 24-pack and get ready to pop, fizz, and clink your way through the day. Because who says you can't have a party with every sip? Order now and let the tiny bubbles bring big smiles to your doorstep!

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