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Batchelors Cup a Soup Chicken & Vegetable with Croutons 4 x 110g


Warm your cockles with a delicious addition to your office's pantry. Whether your team is after a quick snack, or want a delicious addition to their lunch, Batchelors Cup-a-Soups are always a fan favourite. With the crunchy croutons on top of this tasty chicken and veg soup, you can’t go wrong. We all love a cup a soup!
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Get ready to conquer your cravings with Batchelors Chicken and Vegetable Cup-a-Soup – the ultimate cup of comfort, now on a mission to transform your London snacking experience! This isn't just any soup; it's a steaming blend of chickeny goodness, loaded with veggies and topped off with crunchy crouton companions.

Crafted for maximum cosiness, this Cup-a-Soup is your ticket to a flavour-packed adventure without the hassle. Just add hot water, stir, and let the savoury symphony begin.

It's perfect for a quick lunch, a cosy dinner, or anytime you need a warm hug for your taste buds.

Order now and let the sipping and slurping commence because life's too short for ordinary meals, and we're here to deliver the extraordinary to your doorstep! It's time for a super, souper experience!

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