Social Distancing in the Office.

Now offering Individual Grab-a-bag, wrapped by nature boxes and single portion office essentials. Supporting a safe return to the Office

Office Fruit Boxes to fuel a happy, health work environment.

Choose your Office Box and enjoy our Market Fresh fruit delivered to your Office

Choose Your Daily Essentials and Treats.

Offering a wide range of Everyday Essentials. From milks, bread & cheeses to biscuits, healthy snacks, nuts and drinks. Visit our store cupboard to stock up on spreads, teas and other tasty bits

Individual Fruits, Berries, Exotics.

Allowing you to bespoke your order by selecting your own personalized quantities and variety.

For The Extras – Salads, Veggies, Herbs & Mushrooms.

If you enjoy Juicing or Souping, a Salad or a Health Nibble, choose from the wide range below