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Environmental and Business Statement

We are Ripe.London delivering market-fresh, finest quality fruit boxes to offices all over London, 5 days a week. We believe happier, healthier teams are more productive teams, and promote productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

Ripe.London is committed to creating a Greener future for our society. Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our everyday business, along with congestion and carbon footage reduction, creating an eco-friendly way of life and hopefully safeguarding the future of our planet.

Ripe.London was founded by some of London’s most renowned fruiterers with the combined experience of over 100 years in the fruit business, making the Ripe.London Team passionate – borderline obsessive – about picking the very best fruit available, fresh each day, ready to be eaten and enjoyed in perfect condition in your workplace. We bespoke our orders to suit each customers individual needs.

Ripe.London is based in the vibrant New Covent Garden Fruit Market (NCGM).

Our Premium fruit boxes contain: bananas, apples, pears, kiwi, easy peel citrus and seasonal stone fruit, any extras can be added as required such as: grapes, berries, Exotic fruits. Our suppliers work very closely with British Growers greatly supporting their sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of carbon footage wherever possible. They provide the majority of our fruit and berries at the finest quality ensuring we never compromise on quality to our customers. However, the British climate does not permit constant supply at certain times of the year and therefore some fruits and all Exotics are imported. These days many fruits are expected to be available all year round, unfortunately they are not always of the best quality and this is where our experience comes to the fore. We will supply only the best which means that sometimes even though a fruit is available we will not be offering it for sale.

In recent years, we have increased our product range to accommodate demand for variety. These include: Milk, non-d airy milks, fruit juices, bread, healthy snack bars and a large range of dried fruits, nuts and much more.

Our dairy produce is purchased fresh every day from our local Dairy based within the NCGM, making it easy for us to bespoke your order at short notice. They do a wonderful range of all milks, organic milks and assorted dairy produce all primarily British sourced and are a member of The Red Tractor Assurance. One of the main reasons for using our chosen Dairy is their use of Type 2 HDPE pre-recycled eco-friendly plastic bottles, the most environmentally stable of plastics, giving off no harmful fumes into the environment and are totally recyclable at the end of consumer use. They also offer glass bottles, however, plastic is said to leave a much smaller carbon footprint than glass.

Our fruit is delivered in recycled Fruit Boxes and if requested, suitably sized baskets or in plastic crates which can be collected on the next delivery and be used for several years. We use the recycling scheme within the NCGM for excess boxes. Marked or damaged fruit is either processed for juicing, fruit salads or composting depending on its condition. We are in the process of gradually upgrading our entire delivery fleet to either electric/hybrid or LPG. We are the first company in the NCGM to use ‘The Eco Fleet’ for some of our smaller deliveries. The Eco Fleet is a carbon neutral urban delivery system for the modern city using electric cargo bikes helping to sustain a more eco-friendly environment.

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