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Written by Ripe London on June 19, 2017

The Ripe London guide to summer fruits

Summer is a time for sunshine, long evenings and the most delicious fruit. From sweet berries to juicy stone fruit, here are our top five recommendations for what you should be tucking into over the next few weeks.

Deep in colour and morishly sweet, the English cherries are at their prime from June until the end of July. Typically sourced from Kent, we select the larger cherries for maximum flavour – these really won’t last long in your fruit bowl.

2.Flat peaches
Also known as donut or Saturn peaches, the white-fleshed fruit has become increasingly popular in recent years. Chosen from Spain or Italy and ripened in the warm sunshine these juicy snacks will be in the markets until mid to end August so get them while you can.

The smoother-skinned cousin of the peach, nectarines are slightly smaller, firmer and often more aromatic than their furry relative. Nectarines have a longer season and are at their tastiest from June right to the end of September.

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without copious amounts of English strawberries, around by the crate load from May through to July (including Wimbledon fortnight, of course!) At Ripe we source our strawberries from farms as local to London as possible so they are still fresh when they reach your office.
Other berries, including raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, are also in their prime English season – the perfect accompaniment to summer.

We enjoy the dried variety all year round, but fresh apricots are a real treat for the taste buds – and now is the perfect time to enjoy them. Small and vibrant in colour apricots grow best in Spain, Italy and France and in season until the end of July.

If you’d like to add a taste of summer to your office fruit delivery then head to or call the Ripe London team on 0845 652 0714 to get your fruit delivered to work.

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