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Written by Ripe London on June 21, 2024

The Best Fruit for Muscle Gain

Sick of eating fish, chicken, and rice to get swole? Ripe London is talking about the best fruit for muscle gain below, specifically the role that fruits can play in supporting your gym lifestyle. Beyond discussing the best fruits to incorporate into your diet for muscle gain, we'll also explore some unknown foods that can help muscle mass development. So, join us as we uncover the nutritional secrets that can help you achieve your muscle gain goals - one bite at a time.

How to Put on Muscle Mass

Lifting weights is all well and good, but if you're not powering the engine of your body with the right fuel, you're not going to see yourself gaining muscle mass.

For muscle building, protein-rich foods are the basis, as they enable muscle growth and repair. Lean meats including chicken, beef, and salmon - as well as eggs, tuna, and shrimp - are essential muscle-building foods. Whey protein is a mixture of various proteins and is a popular addition to a diet for those looking to gain muscle mass.

Amino acids are thought to aid in protein intake and muscle recovery after working out. There are nine essential amino acids, and three helpful for muscle building - leucine, isoleucine, and valine. It's unsure whether you should take amino acids as supplements, but there are plenty of amino acids to be found in certain fruits!

Vitamin C is reported to have a similar effect, soothing muscle soreness and facilitating muscle repair. Enabling muscle development also requires carbohydrates, which give ample energy during the workout process.

The Best Fruits for Muscle Growth

We've searched for the best fruits that promote muscle growth, and you're in luck. There's plenty of fruits that help you build muscle, so let's run through the greatest hits!


Apples are high in the amino acid leucine, which can be used by skeletal muscle cells during exercise to elevate performance. They're also high in ursolic acid, which is just as useful in boosting the limits of how far you can go during exercise.

Apples also contain vitamin C, helping improve immune function and apparently shortening muscle repair and recovery time. This is because vitamin C is an antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory properties - to reduce inflammation that can occur after particularly vigorous exercise.


A single avocado has around 4g of protein, which is the sweet nectar of muscle building. That gives it the highest protein content out of every single fruit!

Avocados can also help you build muscle mass in other ways, thanks to their high folic acid content. This helpful little inclusion into a muscle-building diet can enable high-quality protein absorption. With this boost of folic acid, muscle protein synthesis becomes a lot more effective.

Avocados can also help you keep body weight healthy, and enable fat loss, thanks to the high levels of healthy fats like beta-sitosterol, as well as dietary fibre to ensure everything is running smoothly (for want of a better phrase).

If you thought that was it, we've got a surprise for you. Vitamin E is one of those essential nutrients to help you build muscle. It also helps with recovery after a workout session and helps you relax too. And it just so happens that avocados are bursting with vitamin E!


Though not the top banana on this list, these special yellow fruits shouldn't be discounted from a muscle-gain diet!

Bananas are high in carbohydrates, the fuel for exercise, as well as the infamous potassium - which enables the electrical signals sent between muscles and helps them function properly.

Banana is also a good muscle-building food because of their amino acids, particularly leucine. Leucine helps skin and bones to heal - as well as increasing lean body mass!

A bowl of the lowest calories fruit. A selection of kiwis, oranges, mango, strawberries, blueberries and grapes

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We'll avoid making the joke about going on a date with dates...

Another fruit high in dietary fibre, dates are also full of protein. This makes them both pretty rare as protein-rich fruits, and pretty essential if you're looking to build muscle. With essential vitamins including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, dates are also really important for maintaining bone health during muscle development.


If you've just had an intense workout session, tucking into some guava would be a great way to let your body (and your taste buds) chill out a little bit and recover from the exertion. Similar to bananas, guava fruit has a high potassium content. This improves tissue and muscle function, and the high amounts of vitamin C that we covered earlier.


Like other berries, strawberries are great for getting lean muscle mass.

Chock full of iron, strawberries help you gain muscle tissue through the increase of oxygen in your blood flow. A lack of iron in your diet can really impede progress, so including strawberries and other iron-rich, muscle-building foods is essential.

Strawberries are also high in vitamin C, which boosts immune functioning and is argued to quicken recovery times.

Other Muscle-Building Foods

It's not just fruits that help us build muscle. Aside from the obvious meats and fish, we've come across a couple of foods that can serve as building blocks of meals and let you hit those personal bests.


The basis for hummus, chickpeas are amazing as a meat substitute for getting lean muscle.

Chickpeas are around 1/10th protein - there's about 9g of protein in 100g of chickpeas. Plus, with 2.9mg of iron and 49mg of calcium, these little legumes seem almost designed as muscle-building foods!

Soy Products

Soya and soy products are amazing meat substitutes, infamous for their versatility and ability to replace meat products in our diets. 100g of raw soybeans has around 36g of protein.

Soy is also high in the amino acid leucine which, as we've seen a lot on this list, is important for skeletal muscle cells during exercise. It helps to boost performance, so if you're seeking foods to help increase muscle mass, there's plenty of variety and health benefits to be found in soy.

Dark Leafy Greens

Spinach, kale, and Swiss chard - massively popular and hugely healthy - are also great for muscle health.

These dark leafy greens are stuffed with antioxidants. Vitamin C and carotenoids are essential for recovery, as their antioxidant properties reduce free radical damage and can even help in reducing inflammation.

Greek Yoghourt

Greek yoghurt contains all nine essential amino acids. This makes it a complete protein, and extremely powerful in building muscle mass. Used to repair and build muscle, complete proteins can't really be argued against.

A 2019 clinical nutrition study found that people who eat Greek yoghurt as a post-workout meal develop better strength, muscle thickness, and body composition than people who eat a low-protein post-workout snack (Frontiers in Nutrition). Can't really argue against that - in terms of protein-rich foods, Greek yoghurt sits on the throne.

Get Fruit for Muscle Growth: Ripe London

If you're looking into building muscle, or you're already on that journey and just need to switch up your diet a bit, adding more fruit to your diet can help with your muscle growth and has loads of other health benefits too!

You can either waste time going to the shops after the gym every time you need bananas, avocados, or Greek yoghurt - or, you can get fresh fruit and snacks delivered straight to your workplace or doorstep.

Ripe London's mission is healthy workers, which is why getting fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as snacks and milk, to offices across the capital is so important to us.

Think grabbing pre-workout, post-workout, or other muscle-building snacks straight from the office is a good idea? Check out our office fruit boxes and get healthy with more convenience and better flavours!

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