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Written by Ripe London on September 22, 2023

London Food Strategy: Promoting Healthy Eating in the Capital

The London Food Strategy, which was launched by the Mayor of London, aims to encourage people in London to make healthier food choices and improve the overall food environment in the city. This year, it aims to have been fully implemented. Many Londoners will be asking how the campaign is managing.

Here at Ripe, a London-wide healthy delivery service, we want to explain what the capital's plan is and what it’s been doing. As part of our commitment to office fruit delivery in London, we believe that healthy eating and good food should be accessible to everyone.

What is the London Food Strategy?

The Mayor has incorporated food as a central element of his commitment to sustainable living, social equity and economic parity. He acknowledges the crucial role food plays in the lives of Londoners, as it can enhance health and wellbeing, create fulfilling employment and skill prospects, foster stronger communities, and contribute to environmental preservation. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said, “I want every Londoner to have access to healthy, affordable, good food - regardless of where they live”.

The London Food Strategy has aimed to promote London and support the Veg Power campaign. Beginning in 2018, it has positioned good food as a cornerstone of London's efforts to address various challenges, including childhood obesity, food insecurity, and climate change.

Improving London's Food Environment: The Role of the London Food Strategy

  • Formulating Good Food Retail Plans to ensure that everyone, including children and low-income households, have the ability to procure healthy food whenever they need it.
  • Addressing food poverty and insecurity by providing access to nutritious food for vulnerable populations.
  • Working to increase access to affordable, healthy food options, particularly in areas with limited access to fresh produce. This includes supporting community-led initiatives, farmers' markets, and local food co-ops to ensure accessible food is available to everyone.
  • Encouraging public sector organisations, such as schools and hospitals, to procure and serve healthier food options. This can influence the food environment and set an example for healthier eating.

Opening Availability to Healthy Dining Options in London

  • Supporting businesses with healthy food plans to improve London's food environment and make nutritious, affordable options more widely available to Londoners.
  • Institutions like the GLA, councils, public services, schools, hospitals, cultural and tourist attractions and health and social care providers are all seen as important to ensuring accessible food and healthy diets are possible across the city, and will be supported in doing so.
  • Helping takeaways to improve the food they serve by making simple and healthy changes through the Healthier Catering Commitment.

Tackling Childhood Obesity in London

  • Forming of the London’s Child Obesity Taskforce, to lead city-wide action to reduce child obesity and related inequalities.
  • Tackling food poverty impacting children's diets.
  • Reducing children’s exposure to junk food by restricting advertising and helping in the production of Good Food Retail Plans.
  • Putting forward proposals to restrict new takeaways opening within 400m of schools.

Using Communities to Encourage a Healthier London

  • Utilising the number of community gardens and allotments across London to encourage growing and eating good food.
  • Using urban farming and food growing projects to boost social enterprises, local economies, volunteering opportunities, jobs, training, and apprenticeships.
  • Adding to London’s green infrastructure and providing habitats for London’s biodiversity.

Improving London’s Environment Through Healthy Eating

  • Reducing London’s emissions by 10% through reducing environmentally negative farming and transporting methods.
  • Encouraging healthy eating and community growing will reduce the amount of food waste produced across London; for every two tonnes of food that is eaten in the capital, another tonne is thrown away.

Banning Junk Food Advertisements on TfL

A major change brought about by the London Food Strategy has been the total ban of unhealthy food advertisements on Transport for London. This law entered into force in February 2019.

The stoppage applies to takeaway companies and restaurants, food and drink brands, and delivery services, blocking their attempts to advertise unhealthy food and drink products on most public transport in the city.

Ripe: Your Partner for Healthy Eating in London

As a London-wide delivery service, we can get fresh and locally-sourced produce wherever and whenever you need. At Ripe, we believe in the power of healthy eating to let you excel, and we’re passionate about shipping seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy snacks, to homes and workplaces all over the city.

We’re committed to high standards of produce and delivery. We can take some of the confusion away from eating healthier by getting it all straight to your door.

How Ripe’s Delivery Service Can Get Londoners Healthier

  1. Convenience and Accessibility

Ripe eliminates the need for frequent trips to grocery stores. With doorstep deliveries, you'll have easy access to a variety of fresh produce, making it more likely for you to include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

  1. Increased Consumption.

Having a consistent supply of fresh fruits and vegetables encourages regular consumption. With a variety of options delivered to your doorstep, you're more likely to incorporate these nutrient-rich foods into your meals and snacks, leading to a healthier diet overall.

  1. Diverse Selection.

We offer a diverse range of fruits and vegetables, including seasonal and locally sourced options. This variety exposes you to different nutrients, flavours, and textures, making your meals more enjoyable and nutritious.

  1. Encourages Regular Snacking.

Having readily available fruits and vegetables encourages healthier snacking habits. Instead of reaching for processed snacks, you can grab a piece of our fruit or some sliced veggies.

For more information, visit our shop page to start eating and living better.

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