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Written by Ripe London on February 7, 2017

Expert Tips to Fuel a Healthier Workplace in 2017

Healthy Office

Turn that New Year’s resolution into a New Year’s revolution and get your office as healthy as can be in 2017. Follow the four steps below for a healthier, happier and more productive office over the next twelve months.

Step One: Move away from the vending machine

We’ve all been there, you’ve got a huge workload piling up and you just need a little break, complete with a treat, to keep you going. But the first thing you need to do is quit those trips to the vending machine, because while it may be all too easy to pop in some loose change for some crisps or a soft drink, those things are really not good for you.

Fortunately Ripe is ready and waiting to deliver fruit to you at work with the finest and freshest seasonal fruit and energy-packed snacks. Replacing sugary and salty snacks with refreshing and reinvigorating fruit should be the first step in your plan to make the workplace healthier in the New Year.

Step Two: Take time out to move about

It perhaps goes without saying, but it really isn’t good for you to remain seated at your desk all day. Any time you can, you should get up and stretch your legs, even if it is just a little stroll around the office itself.

It might also be beneficial to invest in a standing desk for yourself or your employees. If this isn’t possible, however, then it might be a good idea to stand while taking your calls. Just remember to keep an eye on your posture.

Step Three: Unwind over lunch

While we’ve already established that it is important to make sure that you eat healthily whilst in the workplace, it is equally good for you to take in a change of scenery over your lunchbreak. Everyone knows how tempting it is to eat at your desk, ensuring that you have as much time to work through that in-tray as possible.

However, taking and enjoying a full lunchbreak is not only good for your health and your peace of mind but it may also help you to become more productive. A break from your desk, perhaps to a park or somewhere else out in the open, can replenish your senses and give you the rest you need.

Step Four: Introduce some greenery

Adding a plant to your office decoration can having a surprising effect on your output. According to a study from the University of Exeter, office plants can increase well-being by 47% and productivity by as much as 38%.

And while they look nice and can add a welcome touch of colour, plants also help to clean the air and even dampen office noise. Some recommended plants that are well-suited to an office environment include Aloe Vera and the Spider Plant.

Follow these steps and you’ll be “ripe” for a healthier 2017 in the office. Ripe works with only the most highly regarded greengrocers and fruiterers, the suppliers of the best restaurants in London.

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