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Written by Ripe London on February 23, 2024

February Focus: Encouraging Wellness at Work

We all feel the demands of work these days, so prioritising employee wellbeing is essential. It's not just a trend anymore: it's a necessity. Ciphr reported anywhere between 40%-70% of people consider wellness at work to be one of the most important aspects of their job. Recognising the link between physical and mental health and employee satisfaction and retention is vital for employers in 2024.

Healthy employees feel supported and cared for, which can make them not only more engaged and motivated, but resilient. That's where Ripe London comes in, a London-wide fruit and vegetable delivery service. We get fresh and local produce to offices across the capital. Basically, workplace wellness is our whole thing. So, we've compiled some practical tips on how to build employee wellbeing that you can do today.

Why Employee Wellbeing is Important

Fostering a workplace which cares about physical and mental health is beneficial for both employees and employers. When we're mentally and physically healthy, we're much better equipped to handle workplace stress and pressure.

With a healthier team, you might find sick leave and absenteeism drops. With a healthier immune system, those mundane illnesses and sluggish days can become much less common. A workforce that feels supported in their wellbeing is likely to show increased commitment and engagement with their roles. Mental and physical wellness at work also plays a big role in stress management. Let's not forget that healthy eating can boost your productivity.

By creating a workplace where everyone feels empowered to thrive, a positive work environment may emerge, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Here are some actionable strategies for promoting wellbeing in the workplace:

How to Build Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives

Physical Health

The cornerstone of employee wellness, prioritising physical health translates to enhanced energy levels, improved mood, and increased cognitive functioning. In the workplace, these mean greater focus, efficiency, and overall job satisfaction. As you recognise the link between employee health and job performance, you'll find these wellbeing initiatives focusing on staying physically healthy are integral to energising your work environments.

Jobs offering fitness classes or gym memberships as part of employee benefits have become commonplace - an attractive perk, as well as a way for you to ensure you are doing your part to encourage employees to take care of themselves. Or, you can just encourage or promote wellness by introducing walking meetings, office step-count competitions or fitness goals, or out-of-hours healthy team-building activities.

By giving these initiatives a go, you can not only welcome all the benefits of improving the health of your team, but you can create a workplace culture that values and supports overall wellbeing. Trying out a range of employee wellness programs could yield the energising results you're looking for.

Mental Health

Prioritising mental health in the workplace is essential for fostering productivity. Workplace stress is a major contributor to mental health issues. 79% of people say they frequently feel stressed because of work, and over 50% of people report either depression or anxiety as a result of stress. Balancing the impact of work on people's quality of life, as well as the effectiveness and productivity of the organisation, is essential.

Consider starting initiatives that encourage a good work-life balance or flexible working, empowering employees to take care of their wellbeing and giving them the opportunity to better balance their professional and personal lives. Many employers also offer counselling services or workshops for managing stress. Certain mental health and therapy apps offer plans for comprehensive mental health support for employees.

Employee wellness programs similar to these are ideal for ensuring workplace health, boosting productivity as well as creating a supportive office culture. By addressing the mental wellness of your team, you can improve employee health as well as employee engagement.

Healthy Eating at Work

With multiple benefits for both employees and employers, maintaining a healthy diet means being more likely to experience increased energy levels, improved concentration, and better moods. From an employer's perspective, promoting healthy eating can lead to reduced absences and a more engaged workforce.

Encouraging healthier eating in the workplace doesn't have to be complicated. Providing healthy snacks in common areas, such as fresh fruit and nuts, can encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices and easily boost their performance at work. Organising health promotion classes, or holding recipe clubs, are easy ways to encourage employee wellbeing.

Another effective way to promote healthy eating is through office fruit box deliveries. Filled with a variety of fresh fruits, these office snack box deliveries provide convenient access to nutritious snacks. With a diverse selection of fruit, vegetables, and healthy snacks and drinks, all dietary and lifestyle requirements can be catered for. Offering healthy alternatives to vending machines and fast food not only supports employee wellness but demonstrates an employer's commitment to fostering a workplace culture which prioritises health and wellbeing.

By giving team members the opportunity to create healthy habits, you could improve productivity without having to make it your top priority.

Box Of Fruit

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How to Ensure Employee Wellbeing: Ripe London

That's where Ripe London excels.

Our carefully curated office fruit box deliveries are available to workplaces all over London, and are designed to elevate employee wellbeing by providing a convenient and delightful way to incorporate healthy snacks into the workday. Packed with an assortment of fresh and locally sourced fruit and veg, as well as nuts and other treats, an office snack delivery from Ripe supports overall health, boosts energy levels, and enhances cognitive function.

By having a regular supply of healthy snacks in the workplace, employers can contribute to a positive and energised office culture. Employees gain easy access to nourishing food options, as well as enjoying the excitement of a new office fruit box delivery. Mondays are a lot easier when there's a dragon fruit in the office. 

Investing in employee wellness through Ripe’s healthy snack boxes is a tangible and effective way to demonstrate your commitment to a healthier and happier workplace.

Take the first step towards workplace wellbeing by ordering an office fruit box today - and thrive on the benefits of a healthier, more engaged team.

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