Clems/Satsuma (Each)


Order our easy-peel clementine and satsumas that are packed with flavour and vitamin C (priced per fruit). Supplement your premium fruit basket with these tasty orange fruits and have them delivered to your office every morning.

Both varieties of the mandarin family, the clementine and satsuma are very similar. A clementine tends to be juicy, sweet, and mild to rich in flavour, and is usually small to medium in size with a seedless flesh. A satsuma is moderately sweet and is slightly more zesty to taste. Both are easy to peel, making them perfect for devouring in a busy office. And all mandarin varieties offer amazing nutritional benefits too, with plenty of vitamin C to ward off cold and flu, as well as B vitamins, fibre, lutein, zeaxanthin and flavonoids.


All of our clementine and satsumas are hand-picked by our fruit buying teams who stay up into the small hours searching London’s best markets for unbeatable quality. Our fruit baskets are picked and packed on the day, and delivered straight to your workplace ready for consumption for you and your team.