November 2019

As we drift into winter, this is the perfect month to slow it down.
November offers a rare opportunity to get healthy, sleep well and save cash for the festive season ahead. It’s a terrific time to enjoy citrus fruits.
English apples and pears are also in their prime. If you enjoy cooking, explore the brassicas – highly nutritious ingredients such as kales, broccoli and sprouts tops which help fight off colds and chills.

Rainbow Chard : We love the neon colours of Rainbow Chard. The leaves are highly nutritious. Over the centuries, gardeners have bred the plants with stems of bright orange, yellow, red and white. Rainbow chard can be shredded then eaten raw or cooked like spinach. Why not order a bundle to take home?


This is an on-trend fruit, also known as
kaki or Sharon fruit. The orange flesh is
meltingly soft and perfumed: try slicing in
half then scooping it out with a teaspoon.
At this time of year, we source persimmons
from Spain and Italy. Surprisingly, New
Zealand is another big grower!


This is the very end of the season for
plums from Southern Europe. After this,
harvests will come by boat from the
Southern Hemisphere. If you have any left
over, try them in a crumble with apples or
blackberries – the ultimate comfort pudding.


The best pomegranates feel heavy in the hand
and have a dark colour both inside and out.
Also check the calyx, the spiky structure on top
– this should be hard and not turning brown. At
this time of year, we source most pomegranates
from the Granada region of Spain.


Chestnuts are an ancient ingredient. Back in the
day, they were ground and cooked much like
polenta. Chestnuts are fun snack to enjoy on the
sofa: use a sharp knife to score the skin with a
cross, soak for a few minutes in water, then roast
at 190C until the chestnuts are soft. We can also
supply fresh walnuts as a special order.


The full range of English apples are now in
season, with key varieties such as Cox, Russets,
Gala and the later Braeburn. Don’t forget – the
quality of our homegrown fruit is second to
none. It’s also a great time for pears such as
Conference and Comice, but remember to let
them ripen up first in the fruit bowl.


No packaging or e-numbers – dates are nature’s
perfect pick-me-up. These fruits are high in fibre and
an excellent source of minerals such as potassium and
magnesium plus a heathy dose of vitamin B6. It’s no
wonder dates have been prized by humans for millennia.