February 2019

This is a chilly time for British growers so most fruit comes from abroad. One homegrown highlight is neon-pink Yorkshire forced rhubarb – available from us as a special order by the box. (Share it around your workplace!) It’s also prime time for British brassicas such as kales, purple sprouting broccoli, cabbages, sprouts and crunchy kohl rabi.

This is a great month for radicchio – the beautiful red salad leaves from Italy. There are half a dozen different varieties, including the speckled Castelfranco and wacky Tardivo. Cooking for friends? We can supply this classy ingredient as a special order

Mixed Nuts

We supply nuts in various forms – salted, roasted or raw. Our range includes cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and Brazil nuts. Nuts are a fantastic source of energy – the ideal pick-me-up towards the end of the working day.

Pink Grapefruit

We love the vibrant colours of pink grapefruits. This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and particularly high in beta carotene. So it’s great for your skin, too – providing many of the nutrients needed for a healthy glow


Are you addicted too? We can’t get enough of sweet lychees. This is prime time for these prickly fruit which travel to us from Madagascar. Lychees are rich in Vitamin C and useful fatty acids. We should thank the bees for the fruit, as they are key pollinators for the evergreen lychee trees.

Blood Oranges

The best blood oranges are grown around Mount Etna in Sicily. This gorgeous dark variety is called Moro. The fruit needs cold nights and warm days to blush dark red. Grab them while you can – the season only lasts a few months.


There are three main varieties of avocado: Pinkerton, Fuerte and Hass. The latter is the most popular, with a slightly nuttier flavour. Per capita consumption in the UK has more than doubled in the last five years. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Ripe can source top quality avocadoes 24/7.

Cherry Tomatoes

Our cherry tomatoes come in a rainbow of colours. Some people say they are best avoided in winter. But we disagree. There are many varieties that eat very well at this time of year, including on-trend Italian varieties such as Marinda and Camone – also available from Ripe as a special order.