October 2019

Get carving this month to celebrate Halloween. Here at Ripe HQ, we’re no fans of the trashy side of this spooky event. We like to celebrate the traditional way: choose a pumpkin, scoop out the seeds then whip out your sharpest knife. The 21st of October is also National Apple Day – so why not celebrate both in your workplace?

Wet Walnuts : In the trade, ‘wet’ nuts is a term used to describe nuts when they are freshly picked. Eaten young, these have a more subtle, milky flavour than dried nuts. Give them a go! We can supply wet walnuts, which are an incredibly healthy snack – packed full of antioxidants, fibre, Omega-3 fats and essential minerals.


British apples are at their best this
month. Varieties include Early Windsor,
Worcester, Cox, Gala and Russets. Why
not celebrate Apple Day by ordering in a
mix of varieties, slicing them up for your
colleagues then voting on your favourite?


Naughty but nice – a special order of
toffee apples will get your team smiling.
Halloween is not far off, and Ripe can
also supply large pumpkins and autumn
squashes for decorating your workplace


Ever tried a rambutan? These tropical fruits
look remarkable with their soft prickles and
bright red skin. Open them up to reveal the
delicious white flesh, which tastes a little like
a lychee. Take care not to eat the seed inside


October is a fine month for pomegranates,
often from the Granada region of Spain. This
fashionable fruit is rich in antioxidants, fibre and
vitamins A, C, and B. Have you tried the rolling
pin method for removing the seeds? Check out
the many how-to videos on YouTube


Make the most of black figs before their season
ends. Most are from the Bursa region of Turkey,
where fig trees have been cultivated for millennia.
Next up are green figs from the southern hemisphere
– typically grown in Brazil and central America.


There’s a saying about enjoying pears at their best:
‘Keep two in the fridge; two in the fruit bowl’. Unlike
apples, pears ripen up when left at room temperature
for a few days. Comice and Conference are the two
main varieties grown here in Britain. In terms of shape,
Comice is the rounder of the two, with a soft juicy flesh.