September 2020

With autumn in the air, September is a month of excitement and subtle change.
The shift in the seasons brings us the fi rst English apples, a procession that always starts with Discovery, a lovely early variety. It’s also a great time for homegrown squashes and corn in the cob, while from further afi eld Turkish black fi gs are peak season.

Have you tried Custard apples.
Also known as the Cherimoya, the custard apple has a fantastic fl avour and creamy texture – hence the nickname. It is indigenous to tropical regions of America. Scoop out the fl esh but don’t swallow the seeds.


British apples are the best in the world.
The fruit ripens slowly in our temperate
climate, producing complex fl avours and
a lovely acidity. Discovery is the fi rst early
variety, followed by crops of Discovery, Early
Windsor, Worcester, Spartan, Egremont
Russet, Cox, Gala and Braeburn.


A favourite fruit for the end of summer.
New varieties bear huge fruit, with some
blackberries almost 6cm long! For a
fantastic crumble, mix the berries with the
fi rst of the English apples and serve with
clotted cream or custard.


A good pomegranate feels heavy in the hand.
For a simple lunch dish, whip up a salsa with fresh herbs, diced cucumber and tomato, pomegranate seeds and a  squeeze of lime or stir the seeds into yoghurt to pair with your breakfast granola.


These are grown in the Bursa region of Turkey
– a beautiful landscape overlooking the Sea of
Marmara. Keen to get creative in the kitchen?
Try these fi gs in a salad, perhaps with mozzarella
or burrata, red chilli, watercress and slivers of
prosciutto. Or cut in half, sprinkle with brown sugar,
fl ash under a hot grill and serve with crème fraiche.


This berry will ripen even in cooler weather, so the
British raspberry season stretches into September.
Weight for weight, this fruit contains more vitamin C
than an orange. They are also rich in vitamin A,
calcium and potassium. Freeze any surplus and pop
them in drinks in place of ice cubes.


Humans have cultivated grape vines for more than
7,000 years. There are thousands of different varieties
– from the strawberry grape to Muscat de Hambourg, a
revered French variety. We always pick the best on the
market – a mixture of diverse fl avours and colours.