April 2021

What’s Ripe this month? It’s the start of the British season, with early asparagus, wild garlic and Jersey Royal potatoes.
For fruit, we need to turn to the Continent. Southern countries including Spain are sending blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.
We’re now edging towards the end the citrus season in Southern Europe but can still offer terrific oranges from Spain and Italy, bite-sized kumquats, late season easy-peelers and more …

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It’s always wise to have a stash of dried
fruit. They are the perfect pick-me-up,
ideal for snacking and full of natural
sugars. We source top quality raisins,
apricots, cranberries and more. Don’t
forget our range of mixed nuts, too.


Did you know that bananas are the
most popular fruit? On average, we
eat 10 kilos each every year in Britain.
This fruit is a fantastic source of
carbohydrates, fibre, potassium and
vitamin B6.


Enjoy it while you can – we’re now edging
towards the end of the citrus season in
Southern Europe. We can offer terrific oranges
from Spain and Italy, bite-sized kumquats, late
season easy-peelers and more…


Soft fruit in the UK is still ripening, so Spanish
growers are sending us blackberries, blueberries
and raspberries. Quality is exceptional. Not long
now until strawberries are ready, too. We tend to
wait until we’re happy with their flavour – early
crops are often a little dull.


Packed with vitamin C, the kiwi fruit has become
a staple in Britain. New innovations include
golden kiwis, with a more tropical flavour, and
kiwi berries – snack size fruit with smooth skin
picked from a vine related to the larger kiwi fruit


One of our favourite exotics – also known as
carambola. The whole fruit is edible, including the
skin. Star fruit has a clean, refreshing flavour and
firm texture reminiscent of grapes.
Try in an exotic fruit salad.